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6 Booming Recession-Proof Markets for Your Laser Business

6 Recession-Proof Markets

We are at the forefront of a new industrial revolution – the rise of an emotional marketplace – where people create cherished products to satisfy consumers’ emotional demands, changing the traditional emotional market philosophy.

Opportunities always arise before, during, and after any change in the market. It’s important to ensure your business is recession-proof before any lasting market changes arise.

AP Lazer can help your business find success and stand the test of time, even during a recession. Our machines use CNC-controlled, precision-focused laser beams to cut or etch designs on metals, wood, and other materials.

An open-architecture design with a removable top gives you the opportunity to add priceless personalization to large, weighty materials that would not fit in a conventional ‘boxed-in’ laser system. You can cut and engrave items as small as jewelry to as large as a wine barrel.

Haley Brochu Ap Lazer Review
Haley Brochu AP Lazer Review

All of our machines come in a complete turnkey pricing package, including all accessories, such as a laptop computer and software, so you get much more than the machine. We set you up for success!

As an AP Lazer owner, you gain access to a customer marketing bundle that provides detailed tips on how to market your business. We also offer an abundance of training resources, including our 24/7/365 tech support, weekly workshop classes, various YouTube videos, and more.

The longevity of a business is only as good as the tools it has to work with. Pairing an AP Lazer machine alongside any one of these recession-proof markets below is sure to guarantee success.

1. Alcoholic Beverage Market

Engraved Barrel Lid With Whiskey Glasses For A Recession-Proof Business
Engraved barrel lid with whiskey glasses

Generally, the alcohol industry is considered to be recession-proof; however, according to Craft Brewing Business, “…there are certain market changes that occur during recessions”. For example, in the 2008 recession, beer and liquor sales fluctuated, with beer sales typically lower than liquor sales. Craft Brewing Business suggests that from about 2012 to 2019, “…volume sales have been fairly consistent — either flat or fluctuating slightly, up or down”. Of course, the events of 2020 to 2021 made an impact. Having a better grasp of what changes may come can help put alcohol retailers ahead of their competitors.

Within the alcohol industry, your AP Lazer can engrave products such as:

  • Beer steins
  • Flasks
  • Wine bottles
  • Decanters
  • Whiskey glasses
  • Wine barrels

2. Home Market

 Laser Machine For Recession Proof Business

Due to many companies switching to remote work, people are spending more and more time at home, meaning, they have more time and money to focus on their home decor. Treasured home products and decor are becoming a huge trend as of late, giving personalization a whole new meaning. Stay ahead of that trend by offering engravings on various kinds of home decor and other home products to flourish in this recession-proof market. Your customers will love being the envy of their friends, family, and neighbors!

Your AP Lazer can engrave and create items like:

  • Mirrors
  • Signs
  • Wall art
  • Clocks
  • Storage bins
  • Furniture
  • Floors

3. Funeral Market

Laser Engraved Wood Casket For Recession-Proof Business

In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes. With that logic, no market is more recession-proof than the funeral industry. As the eldest of the baby boomers (4 times the size of the previous generation) turn 76 this year, funeral homes are trying to keep up with this high demand for their services. As more personalized options are becoming available, being open to new technology and products is a must. AP Lazer’s laser engraving machine technology will allow you to engrave priceless memorials for families, stand out from other providers, streamline your operations, and diversify into new markets. Become THE leader in personalized services in your area and utilize your laser to create memorials as unique as the life lived to complement these services.

Engrave deathcare products such as:

  • Caskets
  • Casket inserts
  • Monuments
  • Urns
  • Memorial keepsakes

4. Pet Market

Engraved Glass Dog Treat Jar

As of 2020, the pet industry as a whole amassed $99.3 billion dollars and is continuing to grow. Talk about a recession-proof business! In the current season, there has been an upward trend in pet adoptions. People now have the opportunity to work from and spend more time at home. This has allowed many individuals more time to care for a pet. This also means the demand for specialized laser engraved pet products is at an all-time high. Whether someone is a cat lover, a dog person, a horse enthusiast, or a reptile junkie, one thing is for certain, laser engraved pet accessories will most often outsell their non-personalized counterparts.

Countless pet products can be engraved, such as:

  • Pet memorial products
  • Pet tags
  • Water and food bowls
  • Engraved portrait
  • Christmas ornaments

5. Fundraising Market

Engraved Bricks For Fundraising

When the economy slides downward, charity fundraisers need to up their game. Providing more emotional value creates a special experience for donors. Creative fundraising can always beat a slow economy as communities are typically more inclined to come together in times of need. Personalization is the perfect way to show your donors appreciation, offer them a sense of permanence, and allow them to customize their items. Fundraisers are often used for schools/universities, churches, personal use (for example, medical bills or a house fire), charities, and other organizations.

These items are perfect for laser engraved fundraising:

  • Bricks
  • Benches
  • Tumblers/cups
  • Donor recognition tiles/plaques
  • Keychains
  • Pens
  • and more!

6. Local Retail Shops

Laser Engraved Items Displayed At Local Retail Shop

Most local retail shops sell household items that are always in demand, therefore, they are always recession-proof. With great resignation affecting primarily retailers and restaurants, and the global supply chain is still in chaos, they would love to have your products sell on their empty shelves.

Working with local crafts makers will add extra revenue and profit to their sales without increasing overhead and inventory. And you can save your time from “retailing,” taking orders from customers, and handling the product deliveries and payments.

You can team up with the local retailers to bring your laser machine to the store and promote your and the retailer’s business. The onsite laser engraving is a great interactive, memorable experience for shoppers. It generates emotional connections. People love to talk about and show off their personalized gifts to friends and families, creating priceless word-of-mouth marketing.

Seize the Opportunity

These six fast-growing, high-profit, and recession-proof markets with less competition are waiting for you to explore. A laser engraving business within these markets not only adds limitless profit potential but also longevity through even the toughest of times. Recession-proof your laser business with AP Lazer.

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