5 Laser Engraved Pet Products that can Help You Capture the Pet Retail Market

5 Laser Engraved Pet Products

In the current season, there has been an upward trend in pet adoptions. People now have the opportunity to work from and spend more time at home. This has allowed many individuals more time to care for a pet, which also means the demand for specialized laser engraved pet products is at an all-time high. Whether someone is a cat lover, a dog person, a horse enthusiast, or a reptile junkie, one thing is for certain, laser engraved pet accessories will most often outsell their non-personalized counterparts.

On average, personalized products sell 4x the amount of non-personalized products. The pet product and service industries have become quite expansive. Producing laser engraved pet products can help you break into and leave your mark on this growing industry. We’ve gathered these 5 pet products for both pets and pet lovers that can be made personalized (and more profitable!) with the help of an AP Lazer machine.

1. Laser Engraved Pet Products for a Memorial

Laser Engraved Pet Memorials

Losing a pet is heartbreaking, but an unfortunate reality for many people. With so many products available to care for, there also needs to be options for memorializing them when they are gone. Offering pet memorials in remembrance of people’s treasured furry friends provides a visual representation of the love shared between a pet and its family. Your laser engraving machine allows you to create products such as laser engraved pet markers, memory tiles, mini memorial headstones, urns, and more. Shop our wide selection of blanks to use for the various kinds of pet memorials your customers may request.

2. Laser Engraved Pet Accessories – Pet Tags

Laser Engraved Pet Name Tags

Anyone who owns a pet knows the importance of having a name tag for their pet’s collar. This could be the difference between a lost pet and a found pet. These can be as informative, or as silly, as your customer would like. You can laser engrave a simple pet name along with their owner’s address or phone number in case they get lost. Sometimes people opt for funny sayings on their pet’s name tag. Check out this list of 15 funny dog tag ideas as some suggestions to share with your customers who may want to go this route.

3. Laser Engraved Pet Portrait

Laser Engraved Pet Portrait

Whether as a memory or for customers to show their pet love and admiration, laser engraved pet photos are a great way to make your mark in the pet retail industry. For many people, it’s more than just a pet – it’s another member of the family. A laser engraved pet photo is a unique way for your customer to show love for their beloved four-legged friend and have a beautiful keepsake for years to come. Portraits like these can be engraved on a variety of materials, such as slate, granite, wood, acrylic, etc. Our webstore offers these materials and more, to help you provide the very best for your customers.

4. Laser Engraved Food and Water Bowls

Laser Engraved Pet Food And Water Bowls

All pets require the basic necessities of food and water. Why not jazz their bowls up a bit? Customize their food and water bowls with colorful designs, the pet’s name, a phrase, or even a photo. Pets are sure to love mealtime even more!

5. Laser Engraved Pet Christmas Ornaments

Laser Engraved And Cut Pet Christmas Ornament

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year! Allow your customers to incorporate their beloved pets into their holiday decor by offering laser engraved customized ornaments that are sure to light up any Christmas tree. Customers can personalize ornaments with their pet’s name, a picture, a phrase, or a design. These are great keepsakes even after the holidays are over.

Pets are Part of the Family, too!

Many pet owners think of their pets as more than just that – they are an extension of the family! Nothing is better than the unconditional love they share with us. It’s important to acknowledge the significance pets have in our lives. What better way to do that than with laser engraved pet products and gifts? These items are a great way for customers to show their love for and honor their beloved furry friends.

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