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15 Laser Engraved Holiday Gifts Your Customers Will Love

laser engraved holiday giftsIf you have a laser cutting machine, when the holiday season rolls around you’re as busy as an elf in Santa’s workshop making all sorts of personalized gifts for all the good boys and girls, right?

After a few hours sipping on a hot toddy, admiring the glistening lights on our Christmas tree while perfect little feathery snowflakes fell to the ground and faint Christmas music filled the air. browsing the web, we found the BEST of the best laser engraved Christmas gift ideas to share with our readers. So without further adieu, here’s 15 laser engraved gifts your customers will love!

Laser Engraved Pie Plate

laser engraved pie plate

When the celebration is over, you won’t be left wondering who left their pie dish behind if it’s laser engraved.  Whether the pie be pumpkin, apple, peach or mincemeat (yuck!) any delicious dessert baked in this dish will arrive at the party in style.

Laser Engraved Personalized Door Mat

laser engraved door mat

Both classy and functional, this personalized door mat is one of our favorites. Your visitors will know they’re in the right place and feel warmly welcomed all at the same time. Since the laser beam actually burns the fibers in the rug, it will never get worn off by your house guests.

Laser Engraved Leather Dog Collar

laser engraved dog collar

Amidst all of the hustle and bustle, you can’t forget about the 4 legged creatures that have been extra good this year! Leather is a material that is very easy to laser engrave and yields great results every time. Not only are these dog collars stylish, but they are practical, too.

3D Map Wall Art

laser cut wall art

These maps are a perfect example of the detail and complexity one can achieve with a laser cutting machine. These maps feature multi-level laser cut wood pieces assembled perfectly to create a stunning piece of wall art. Talk about a conversation piece!

Want to offer personalized gifts like the ones shown in this post? Download our free Laser Machine Purchasing Guide to learn more.

Custom Laser Engraved Cutting Board

laser engraved cutting board

This would literally make every mom in the world cry.  There is no better way save your mini Picasso’s artwork, than to laser engrave it on to say, a cutting board. A gift like this would make a good Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift, or everyday surprise for the mom who already has it all.

Laser Cut Felt Coasters

laser cut felt coasters

One of the best ways to deal with family members that you don’t particularly care for (we all have a few of them, don’t we?) is to just drink until you can tolerate them. That’s when these laser cut felt coasters could come in handy.  These coasters will not only save your table top, but are also a super festive decoration.

Laser Cut Mustache Comb

mustache beard comb laser engraved and cut

“The male beard communicates a heroic image of the independent, sturdy and resourceful pioneer. Ready, willing and able to do manly things. Whether the recipient has a  full beard, goatee or just a mustache every man wants to hold the look that they are creating.”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Laser Etched Cell Phone Cases

Nowadays no one leaves home without their phone. By gifting someone a laser engraved cell phone case, you’ll be sure to be giving them a gift they’ll take with them everywhere. Great for kids who’ve recently moved out!  They’ll never forget to call mom and dad since they’ll have a constant reminder whenever they reach for their phone!

Laser Cut Picture Frame

Grandma and Grandpa always want pictures of the grandkids for Christmas/birthdays/mothers day.. for any occasion, really. A great photo needs a great frame! This personalized picture frame is the perfect gift that will warm their hearts without burning your wallet.

Personalized Beer Mug

Parents have to share almost everything, which is why fathers LOVE things that are just theirs. Dad’s chair, Dad’s tools, and of course Dad’s mug. A personalized beer mug lets everyone know it’s his and makes sure he always has his frosty mug for that cold beer at the end of a long day. Maybe after a few, he won’t mind sharing so much!

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Laser Engraved Football

We all have a sporting weekend warrior in the family. Whether it’s your brother-in-law on the flag football team, The dad on the local softball team, or the sister who’s the captain of the high school soccer team, a personalized ball is something every sports nut will absolutely love.

Laser Cut Earrings

Laser cut earring are great for that special someone this holiday season. With limitless design possibilities from the super simple to the ultra complex, laser cut earrings and other jewelry are a great way to show someone you care with something as beautiful as they are. Create earrings out of wood, acrylic leather or the dozen of other materials AP Lazer can cut.

Laser Engraved Leatherman

Everyone has a handyman in the family, and just about every handyman seems to have one of these great multipurpose tools with them at all times. Now your family handyman can always be prepared to spring into action at any given moment with a personalized Leatherman they’re sure to love.

Laser Cut Snowflake Ornaments

Ornaments for the tree always make a great gift, and they’ll mean that much more when you’ve made them yourself. These great keepsakes will make an excellent addition to anyone’s tree, reminding them of you every time they look at them.

Laser Cut Wall Art

For those with a more artistic flair, a piece of laser cut wall art would be the icing on the cake. Simple, easy, and inexpensive, a piece of lasered wall art will make an excellent addition to just about anyone’s home as well as serve as a fantastic conversation piece.

A laser cutting machine will allow you to make your customers look really good. When they’re gifting the best gifts at the party, they’ll leave everyone else wishing they would have thought to get grandma a personalized gift that brought tears to her eyes. You know what that means? Next Christmas, everyone will be coming to you asking for laser engraving services…Score!








laser cut halloween projects

5 Halloween Inspired Laser Cut Projects

laser cut halloween projectsWith Halloween creeping up on us, what better way to acknowledge the spookiness that ensues other than with laser cut and engraved goodies. Here at AP Lazer, we’ve done our fair share of ghoulish things with our laser cutter and engraver… Like the time we laser engraved a variety of candy bars, or that one time we laser engraved a pumpkin.

This year, instead of gorging ourselves on lasered candy bars and pumpkin seeds, we searched the spiderwebs, interwebs and found some devilish items you can do with your own laser cutting machine.

Laser Cut Paper Lanterns

These paper lanterns are perfect for adding a spooky touch to your home or office. You’ll need some black paper, a few sheets of velum and a battery operated tea light candle and a laser cutter for paper to produce your own unique paper lanterns.  Of course with an AP Lazer your paper lanterns can be customized to any design you like!

laser cut paper

Elegant Laser Cut “Masquerade” Mask

These gorgeous masks can be made extremely cheaply and are guaranteed to turn heads whether your Halloween is a black tie affair or a friend’s Halloween house party. This particular one was made by laser cutting acrylic and using a heat gun to mold the flat mask to fit the face. We’re not sure who would really take the time to do this, but it’s super cool none the less and proves that you can use a laser cutting machine to construct just about anything you want.

laser cut mask

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Laser Cut Retro Plane Costume

This project definitely not for those looking for something quick but will certainly get you noticed given the dedication. Designed by Aiden Chopra after a of WWII era fighter plane, this cardboard plane is made of 58 individually laser cut cardboard pieces and designs. An incredibly detailed walk-through can be found here.

laser cut halloween costume

Cardboard Skull Pencil Holder

Thing number 924893 on Thingverse is this mysterious pencil holder created from laser cut cardboard. Add a little hocus pocus to your home office – all the while organizing all of your utensils.

laser cut cardboard skull

P.S If you haven’t read up on the history of Sugar Skulls, they stem from a very interesting South Mexico holiday and tradition. Read about it here.

Laser Cut Halloween Cards

Everyone loves greeting cards, but can we all admit that they mean so much more when they’re homemade? Or, in this instance, laser-made! From the spider web to the intricate haunted house, a laser cutter is a great tool to produce such intricate artwork. And, you can produce them on mass; they will be perfect ever time. Good luck creating this look with an X-acto knife!

laser cut paper cards

That rounds up our favorite Halloween items created with a laser cutting and engraving machine. As you can see, there is no limit to what you can create with a laser machine!

Have some wicked ideas for creating laser inspired Halloween goods? Share them in the comments below!

3d laser art

7 Awesome 3D Laser Products made with a Laser Engraving Machine

3d laser art

Instant 3D Laser Gratification

Imagine creating products with materials designed to last a long time, getting them faster than ordering on Amazon Prime, and costing much less than what you can but in a store!

We’ve searched high and low on the web and found some of the most impressive 3D laser cut products. If you need a reason to purchase a laser engraving machine instead of a 3D printer, hopefully, these will sway you in the right direction.

Laser Cut Wood Pivoting Box

We can think of plenty of things one could put in this box; sewing accessories, makeup, fishing lures, craft items,  miniature army men and maybe even a picnic lunch or even an extensive button collection. When it boils down to it, a box is the next best invention next to the wheel, right?
laser cut wood pivoting box

Laser Cut Wood Laptop Stand

Considering 78% of adults under the age of 30 own a laptop, it’s fair to say that 100% of them need a laser cut laptop stand. This laser cut wooden laptop stand made by lasercuttinglab.com is unique and functional. Avoid leg burns when you get sucked into their website that contains a plethora of laser cut and engraved eye candy.
laser cut wood laptop stand

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Laser Cut Cardboard Piggybank

Put all of the money you save creating this laser cut cardboard piggy bank, into the piggy bank. We found this one available from Etsy shop, gaBotteShop. If you’ve decided to order things off of Amazon, (there are bound to be things that you just can’t create with a laser) you probably have lots of cardboard laying around just waiting to be laser cut.
laser cut cardboard piggybank

Laser Cut Cardboard Airplane Halloween Costume

Do you find yourself putting all of your creative energy to the creation of your children’s Halloween costumes come October? We’re confident that if you put your child in a 3D laser cut airplane costume, he will win every Halloween costume contest there ever was.
laser cut halloween costume

Laser Cut Wood 6 Packer

With craft breweries gaining in popularity, It’s no wonder we’re drawn to this nifty wooden laser cut 6 packer. Laser cutting proves to be one of the best methods of creating 3D products out of 2D materials; for example, the 6 Packer is completely parametric. You can change material thickness, bottle diameter, fastener size, hand grip size re-render and cut out using your favorite laser cutter. Grab 6 of your favorite brews, pop them in this handy carrier and take them wherever you need to go.
laser cut wood 6 packerWe found this on thingverse.com, and if you already own a laser cutter, you can make it yourself with the provided template.

Laser Cut Acrylic Table Numbers

Elegantly send wedding guests in the right direction. Table numbers are a must have at all weddings, particularly useful if you have a pre-reception cocktail hour!  These beauties, from Etsy shop ElegantLaserDesigns combine laser cutting acrylic and laser engraving acrylic to produce a beautiful detail for any wedding.

laser cut acrylic table number

Laser Cut Leather Bandana

Into fashion? A laser cutting machine would look great next to your sewing machine. This leather scarf, sold by & Other Stories could be easily replicated with a piece of leather and intricate design of your choice. Lasers are excellent for both cutting and engraving leather, so the fashion capabilities are pretty broad. Imagine the kind of motorcycle chaps you could create!
laser cut leather

Who needs a 3D laser printer when you can create 3D products with a 2D laser engraving machine? On top of creating 3D products, a laser machine allows you to work with a larger variety of materials like leather, paper and fabric and can produce products useful for every day use. Create 100’s of pieces in the time it takes a 3D laser printer to create a few. It provides more accuracy and is over all, a more versatile tool than a 3D printer.

What would you create with a laser?

laser engraver for wood

Laser Engraving Wood with AP Lazer

laser engraver for wood

Laser Engraving Wood

In spite of all the design, craftsmanship, and effort that is involved, woodworking is a tough business that generally has low margins. Consider laser engraving wood. You can dramatically increase the profit on the wooden products you design, create and offer.

laser engraving wood furniture

Woodworking in America is a business that goes back for centuries. It’s a core industry to our economy, supplying businesses and consumers with a wealth of well-designed wood products such as furniture, cabinets, flooring, tools, construction materials, picture frames – the list goes on.

During the last 100 years, wood product production techniques have remained roughly the same regarding the process – cutting, joining, and finishing. It’s time to look at the woodworking industry differently and find ways to innovate and make your business more profitable.

laser engraver for wood

Personalizaton: A Growing Industry

Participate in the rapidly growing personalization trend in the U.S. and increase value when you add highly detailed, laser engraved graphics and text. Consumers love to see their name, personal image, or business logo on the products they buy. Additionally, laser engraving on wood is a great way for a business to brand products with their logo or company name and information.

laser engraved woodWood product producers have yet to capitalize on the personalization trend because machines aren’t yet adopted as a production tool in the woodworking industry. Laser engraving wood can occur on a finished product as the final step before delivery, or insert it into the workflow just before staining and clear coating.

Laser engraving wood is a profitable process you can incorporate into your business. It can double or triple the value of a product. From wood plaques, cabinets, panels and doors to granite, auto parts and iPhone cases, the emotional response to seeing a personalized product is tremendous. Consumers are willing to pay a significantly higher price for personalized laser engraved items.

Photo courtesy of MD Custom Engravings
Photo courtesy of MD Custom Engravings

Diversification with a Laser Machine

Not only can you add value to your existing wood product offerings, but you can diversify into new markets with little to no overhead costs. Tap into signage, pet products, awards/trophies and many more markets with a laser engraving machine. Your imagination is the limit!

laser engraver for classroom

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Profit Impact

What is the profit impact of doubling or tripling the value of your product with laser engravings? The laser machine has a very low operating cost.Your time to develop a personal image or text, running the machine, and electricity costs. There are no consumable materials when laser engraving wood. Almost all of the increase in value comes to you in the form of profit!

Don’t miss the opportunity to innovate and diversify your woodworking business. Implement a laser engraving machine and capitalize on the personalization trend.


10 Mind-blowing Artists and Makers Using Lasers On Wood


From paper and textiles, to stone and metal, AP Lazer machines can be used on nearly any material, but one of our favorites to work with is wood. It’s a renewable, biodegradable, timeless, and universal material that’s downright gorgeous in its own right. When spruced up with etched illustrations or custom cut into a unique pattern, wood becomes even more instinctively beautiful and endlessly versatile. Searching for inspiration, we found the following artists and makers who are doing some pretty incredible things with their laser machines and our favorite material.

1. Gabriel Schama

Cutting and gluing layer upon layer upon layer of designs from wood, Gabriel Schama (with the help of his laser cutter, Elsie) creates mesmerizing three-dimensional artworks. Ranging from entirely abstract, organic shapes to his more recent portraiture work, Schama utilizes the laser cutter not just to make his process faster or easier, but to open up his full range of ability. Although he creates his art with the help of a machine, Schama’s technique is inherently handcrafted.

2. Lightwave Laser

Western-Casework---Chin-Chin-Rest WEB 679

Utilizing laser precision, Ron Macken of Lightwave Laser is able to create custom designs and exclusive company patterns from wood that an ordinary contractor simply couldn’t execute. Coming from a background on the engineering side of laser technology, Macken’s artistic pursuits have seen various applications in commercial businesses, as well as private homes. Hotels, restaurants, bars, retail stores, and even a mosque, sport Lightwave Laser panels as wall dividers, external and internal wall decorations, doors, and lighting fixtures.

3. Rogue Journals

On a significantly smaller scale, Rogue Journals creates laser cut wooden bookmarks that are just as detailed as Schama’s and Lightwave’s large-scale pieces. These delicate creations use wood’s ability to be both smoothly cut and engraved to portray full scenes within a mere 5″ x 1.25″ area. Again, these complex works simply could not exist without the innovation of laser technology.

4. Big Secret

Big Secret is one secret that every laser fan should know. The laser and design company provides assistance at any stage of the making process – in their own words – “from design and development to fabrication and finishing.” Their website and Instagram are full of mind-blowing, award-winning collaborations, as well as some of their own in-house creations. The above baseball bat, designed by Kevin Cantrell and Juan Carlos Pagan, is just one of their beautiful collaborative works.

Interested in Learning More?

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5. Stay Gold Co

Organic Super Flower Plugs

Stay Gold Co makes tattoo art inspired t-shirts, stickers, phone cases, and plug style earrings. Their products are only available for limited time periods, but they currently have 13 beautiful, laser-etched, wooden earring designs for sale. These Super Flower Plugs are by far the most intricate. This pair of earrings – available as small as 12 mm in diameter – highlights a laser machine’s ability to create incredibly detailed texture, with some seriously impressive, minuscule carved portions.

6. Anila Quayyum Agha

This one might look familiar to our fellow Michiganders. Mixed media artist Anila Quayyum Agha swept away the competition with this 2014 Art Prize winner, Intersections. If you experienced this work in person, then you know the feeling of amazement over how such a simple construction, perfectly executed, entirely transformed the space. In fact, the work was so stunning, it inspired a somewhat impromptu marriage proposal. Agha’s still creating sophisticated patterns with laser machines, now opting for steel or paper, but this original piece was made from wood.

7. Carved Lake Art

With another series that’s probably familiar if you’re from Michigan, Carved Lake Art creates striking 3D nautical maps. Their collections span the Great Lakes, a variety of states’ inland lakes, Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and some international waters. The works are made by stacking up to 8 layers of laser cut Baltic Birch – which seems to be the ideal choice of plywood for laser machines. The layers are also engraved with topographical details, again demonstrating wood’s particular ability to be both cut and engraved in beautiful detail.

8. SpaceWolf Limited

Illustrating his love for sci-fi and pop culture, and known only by the mysterious moniker, SpaceWolf is an illustrator, printmaker, and woodworker who creates extremely limited edition wooden posters. With his absolute mastery of the laser machine, he pulls off the most impeccably smooth shading we’ve ever seen. Often based off movies, TV shows, or books, by using cherry wood as his material of choice, SpaceWolf’s work redefines the idea of what a poster is. If you’re concerned about whether or not these posters are actually more or less environmentally conscious than paper, rest assured in knowing that SpaceWolf personally plants a tree for every single poster sold.

9. Dragon Powered

Hinge laser cut from 5mm birch ply

Mike Wilson of Dragon Powered is another engineer-turned-laser-artist. He has a small selection of jewelry boxes, lamps, and keychains – all made of birch – that are available for direct purchase through his site. But the really exciting stuff is in the blog section. That’s where we found posts like how to make the wooden hinges pictured above and using a custom jig to cut at an angle other than 90 degrees. His video tutorials aren’t particularly detailed and he doesn’t provide any templates, but there’s enough guidance to get a resourceful woodworker started.

10. Beam Designs

Planetary Gears Clock 1

Husband and wife duo Nathan and Sarah Jones combined their respective aerospace engineering and textile art and design backgrounds to create Beam Designs. Their website and Etsy shop offer a variety of laser cut bamboo goods, such as earrings, key chains, and wall clocks, like this wooden gear design. They intentionally chose Moso Bamboo, which is native to Britain and sourced from their local sawmill, for all of their products because of how well it compliments their environmentally conscious ethics.



Bonus: Obrary

Alex Chair - the living hinge chair

Obrary (short for open library) is a maker’s new best friend. If you operate a commercial laser service, you might like their Shopping Configurator software, which helps customers see dynamic mock ups of their personalized product so they can be assured their order will be accurate. If you just like to make things, you’ll enjoy their selection of 100+ free design templates and video tutorials gathered from across the Internet. These tutorials focus on laser cutting wood to make items like a working microscope, lamp, or padlock, to name a few. Our favorites of the designs they’ve collected utilize living hinges – laser cut Baltic Birch (yes, it has to be Baltic Birch) that allows the wood to become extremely flexible. The Alex chair above, designed by Alex Zhang, uses a living hinge to create a seat and back from a single piece of wood.

10 Upcycling Ideas for Earth Day


Celebrate Earth Day this year by using your AP Lazer to upcycle old materials you have lying around the house. Not quite sure what upcycling is? Just check out these 10 cool ideas that we found.

1. Bland Jacket → Edgy Accessory

drawn lasercut jacket

For inspiration on how to upgrade your old attire, take a look at some of the pretty incredible laser cut pieces that fashion designer Elvira ‘t Hart is creating in the Netherlands. (Be aware of the type of fabric and whether there is plastic/PVC/vinyl involved at it can be harmful to you and you laser machine.)

2. Wood Scraps → Funky Jewelry

Use up any small scraps of wood you have leftover from your last project to laser cut some fun new jewelry! Charms are easy to throw onto a chain or cord for a necklace, but we really like Esty user CliveRoddy’s neat-o stackable landscape rings.

3. Mismatched Silverware → Garden Markers

Donnadiddit laser etched garden markers:

We found this idea from designer, fabricator, and laser lover, Donna Diddit. Although these are no longer available at her online store, you can take a look at these handy and crafty garden markers on her Pinterest page. Get your own ready just in time for spring planting!

4. Cardboard Boxes → Animal Head Decorations


Sure, you could pay up to $60 for one of those trendy cardboard deer heads from a retailer like Uncommon Goods. Or you could just use Instructables user Soupraok’s free template and tutorial to make your own, basically for free. Condense steps 2-4 into one process by using your AP Lazer to cut out all the pieces perfectly!

5. Cardboard Boxes → Lamp Shades

Say you’re not into the whole animal head idea, but you’ve still got all this extra cardboard lying around. Turns out that cardboard lampshades – i.e., “scraplights” – are just as trendy! And with some of them pricing well into hundreds of dollars, even we’re wondering if we should’ve gone into the lamp business… A simple design, something like David Graas’s “Not a lamp”, is a great starting place.

6. Spare Glass Jars → Labeled Storage

Picture of Repurposed Etched Glass Spice Jars...

WUVIE on Instructables used a process of stencils and etching cream to create these Starbucks-bottles-turned-spice-jars. But you’re clever and know that you can skip the fuss and mess by etching your extra glass jars and bottles with your AP Lazer and rotary device. Storing your bulk spices, grains, and baking needs has never been easier or more organized.

7. Empty Wine Bottles → Flower Vases

If you’ve got a bunch of empty wine bottles lying around, we won’t judge. Use your AP Lazer and rotary device to turn those extra bottles into beautiful, decorative vases. Avid upcycler Johnnie Collier of Saved By Love Creations also went the etching cream route for her bottles, but with an AP Lazer, you can go doily decorative, functionally labeled, or seasonally festive with yours.

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8. Extra Fabric → Basically Anything

As a creative crafter, you already know that Pinterest has 1,001 projects for you to use up scrap fabric. However, arguably the worst part of any of these projects is cutting out your pieces. But with your AP Lazer, it’s suddenly a breeze to crank out as many of the exact same pieces as you could ever need! Snag some free state outline vectors to get started on your own Scrap Map, like the one created by The little green bean on Hometalk.

9. Old Phone Case → New Phone Case

Sure, this one’s a bit of a stretch as far as upcycling goes, but making something old *feel* new – even if you’re still using it for the same purpose – is the whole point, right? At the moment, wood is definitely the most popular choice for laser engraved phone cases (like the incredible Laser9 one you see here). But with an AP Lazer, you can update yours even if it’s leather, silicone, or metal.

10. Old Paper → New Wall Art


Remember anything can up-cycled with just a little time and a dream. Turn that finger painting your kid did when they were two into a neat decor piece that you all can enjoy in their new apartment. (Photo from Silvia Raga.)

So let’s see what you make! Share your projects with us by uploading a photo and tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Laser Finished Holiday Gift Guide


Snow is falling. The lights are on the tree. The smell of baked goods in the air. Presents are all purchased and ready- oh they’re not? Well maybe we can help you with that. People get particularly crafty when it comes to the holiday season. Whether it’s to save money or to give a more personal gift, there are loads of choices. Pinterest holds, of course, one of the most expansive array of ideas, recipes, directions, and inspiration for such gifts. We have searched high and low collecting our favorite lasered holiday gift options, both for your enjoyment and hopefully for your inspiration.

First off is the laser-improved cutting boards. We thought this was such a great gift idea we are going to making a few of our own this week. (Keep a lookout for the video.) Wooden cutting boards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. We picked up a heavy duty, round one for less than $15. Once we add our own personalized touch, it will be worth so much more. Other kitchen items include an embossed rolling pin that makes your sugar cookies extra pretty and engraved bottle openers. What is a holiday celebration without a little craft beer to keep your whistle wet?


Another great gift project is wall art and décor – we found several instances of creativity on this. Everything from felt coasters, to plaques with family names and quotes, to puzzle piece holiday themed coffee table decorations. One of our favorites is a map of map of the U.S. with spots for beer caps. Which would be particularly cool for a traveling beer connoisseur. For a local touch, cut out a single state. This is a perfect gift for a family or friend living in a state with a multitude of micro-breweries. (“Yay!” for Michigan’s 150+ breweries!)



There is no reason why the laser cutting and engraving must be restricted to the inside of the present. Engrave a wooden keepsake box to hold whatever store-bought gift you’ve picked up. Add a laser cut card or gift tag. Gifts that you feel are falling a little flat can be bumped up to 10 with a little personal touch.


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Ornaments always make a great gift. Our personal favorite is a set of laser cut, light-colored wooden snowflakes. Pair those with some white lights and a thick red ribbon for a very classy tree! Hang them in the window to bring the pretty (not frozen) part of the snow inside. This is the kind of gift that you’ll definitely want to make for yourself as well as your recipients.


This isn’t quite as practical, but it would be the gift of the season. Instead of knitting someone a sweater, why not laser cut them a leather jacket?  You can be certain that it won’t be worn to the ugly sweater party they are attending next weekend.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many opportunities to explore this holiday season. If you want more pictures or ideas check out our Pinterest boards; specifically, “A Very Lasered Christmas”. So many of these ideas are easily accomplished with our new portable laser – click here to learn more about it!