Client Reviews

James Davis – President

The folks at A P Lazer know how to treat people. The customers are like family! (the kind you want to be with) They are very helpful with their information, knowledge, and attention to detail. The 24/7 assistance is so important. You are never alone with A P Lazer. They go out of their way to help. We users have our own group where everyone pulls together to help newcomers and old pros alike. The users always lend hands, info, and even suppliers’ info. Yes, We are the A P Lazer FAMILY

No One Left Behind

We are absolutely brand new to this business, including no experience with the programs we have to learn. Our rep, Mandi Smallwood, has gone above and beyond at every opportunity to ensure no question to small. Always doing her very best to walk us through some the the smaller tasks to get started. So much to learn, but with the effort surely will be successful….and with AP Lazer and their amazing staff we know we will have the help we need along the way! Thank you!

A Special Thanks!

I want to thank the staff at AP Lazer for their dedication to us while we all had to work through the new issues of dealing with new tariffs and customs requirements. While the shipment was later than planned they worked hard through the unforeseen issues until we were able to get our equipment in and running. A Special thanks to Mandi Rosen for keeping on top of it all.

Top Notch Customer Service!!

After watching TV one Sunday morning and stumbling across a show that was advertising the AP Lazer, my husband and I instantly became interested. We both have our own businesses so we were leary to take on a new venture. After watching the show, I contacted customer service and was lucky enough to get Mandi Smallwood as my representative. I can’t say that we would have went through with this venture if it weren’t for her dedicated customer service. She NEVER pressured us, answered EVERY question that I had for her, sent me current AP users that I could contact with more questions and went over every detail about pricing and the benefits of going with the machine. After much consideration, we went for it, with the largest machine that AP Laser makes. Training didn’t happen until November, but we were lucky enough to pop out amazing Christmas gifts that people will treasure always because of their unique personilization that the AP Lazer allowed us to do. AP Lazer as a whole is an amazing company and the user group is the best of the best. But a huge shout out to Mandi for pushing us over the hump and making sure we purchased this incredible machine. Can’t wait to see all the amazing things we will create in the future!!

Thank you AP Lazer Team!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank AP Lazer staff for an easy purchase process, great service, and excellent training from the company. From the first contact Gadsden County Public Schools made with Mandi and Janson, to the phone/on-line support during set up, to the easy to understand on-line training modules, and to the amazing personal on-site training with Greg, we have been very pleased and impressed with APLazer’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Greg was very professional, friendly, and is an expert in his field. He made a difficult training a wonderful learning experience for all the spectators and trainees involved at the school district. This is the kind of partnership that is needed to have a successful project!

Best of the Best

Looking to start your own turn key business….Look NO further than an AP Lazer. Beautiful design, easy to operate, heavy duty, and ready to make you money from day one. There are plenty of Laser machines on the market. Every machine has it’s plus and minuses. Some are quicker, some are bigger, but at the end of the day if they can all do what you need them to do, what separates an AP Lazer from the other manufactures. To me hands down it’s their Support Team. When you invest good money into a product you want to know someone is there on the other end of a call when you’re in a pinch. You get 24/7 support and even better than that, the group at AP Lazer are just good people overall. They care. They’re on your team and they want you to succeed. Hands down the clear winner in my book.

Expanding Business

Expanding Business

As a result of purchasing an AP Lazer, our company’s reputation, orders, and credibility has increased in a few short months.

Above and Beyond

After a major personal setback sidelined us for almost two years, I cannot praise the staff at AP LAZER enough for staying the course to get us back on track. While many companies talk the talk when it comes to customer service, they truly epitomize “partnership” with their customers. A company is only as good as its people and AP LAZER is the best!