From Tribute Videos to Tribute Memorials: Capture an Emerging Trend in Memory Care

Tribute Video to Tribute Memorial

We spend our lives living in the here and now: climbing ladders, raising families, and chasing after our dreams. When we lose a loved one we soon realize that life isn’t about the successes, nor the goals we reached. Life is about the precious memories we created along the way. When a loved one passes and only sweet memories remain, funeral directors are the professionals that families look to, to help them keep afloat in the flood of sorrow caused by the hundreds of memories that remain. Funeral directors should actually consider themselves in the “memory care” industry.

As technology rapidly advances, they can better help families celebrate life and keep beloved memories alive. This emerging trend in memory care is embraced by baby boomers who are saying farewell to their parents and slowly beginning to think about the end of their own lives and the beginning of permanent memories for the loved ones they will leave behind. Due to advanced laser engraving technology, having family photos engraved on granite is a fast-growing, high-profit market you shouldn’t ignore. The patented AP Lazer machine was designed with the memory care market in mind – allowing for high-quality photos to be permanently engraved into the surface of beautiful granite.

Family Photos

When a loved one passes, many families will have gone through years and years of photographs and cherished memories and will already have selected their favorite photos to share with loved ones in the form of a tribute video or other photo display. Those same favorite photos can be brought to life when laser engraved onto a memorial. This high-profit product produces highly satisfied customers and is one you can’t turn down.

Laser Engraved Granite Memorials

Funeral homes that adapt the technology in their operation can support Tribute Memorial sales by offering a complimentary Tribute Plaque laser engraved with a few of the customers’ best photos. Quite often, when a family sees photo-quality artwork of their loved one they become very interested in a Tribute Memorial. Tribute Memorials often include six to ten photos and can be completed on any size and shape of memorial.
Laser Engraved Tribute Plaque
Integrating laser technology into your service can become an important part of the healing process for families. A designer will spend time with the family going over photos, sharing stories and reminiscing, and developing a design for their Tribute Memorial.

When a lifetime of photos and memories is engraved on a beautiful granite memorial and placed in the cemetery, the memories seem to never fade. A permanent home for a loved one has been created and can be admired for generations to come. In the end, customer satisfaction can’t be measured and will live on forever.

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