Open Laser Engraving and Laser Cutting Machines Any Size, Any Weight, Any Industry

Find out why AP Lazer is the perfect addition to your growing business.

Tap Into a Priceless Market

We help our machine owners turn their ordinary products into objects of deep meaning and emotional value that creates unrivaled profit potential.

Engrave Any Size, Any Weight

Our patented open-architecture design allows large and bulky objects to be personalized in groundbreaking ways in a variety of markets.

24/7 Lifetime Tech Support

Our customers are like family to us. Build your successful business with AP Lazer’s Personalized Training, 24/7 Tech Support and online community.

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The Most VersatileLaser Engraver & Cutter

When it comes to purchasing a laser cutter, you want a machine that will offer you the most versatility and profit opportunity. Take advantage of AP Lazer’s patented open architecture design that you won’t find with any of our competitors. With no size or weight restrictions on your material, you’ll never turn down a job. Get ready to experience bigger profits with a bigger, more versatile laser engraver.

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Business Growth Guide

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Free Download Business Growth Guide

Being able to creatively grow and diversify your business is the key to success in any business. Let us show you what our laser engraving machines can do for you!

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Two guaranteed ways to grow your business with an AP Lazer
  • How to capture a secret market with an unlimited size potential with an AP Lazer
  • How to quadruple the value of your products
  • The benefits of personalization for your business

Open Architecture = Endless Possibilities

From mugs to monuments, engrave objects of any size and weight

Photo Of Sn4836 Laser Machine
Photo Of Laser Machine
Photo Of Sn4836 Laser Machine

With our standard configuration you can cut and engrave trophies, signs, gifts, and jewelry and more, much like a traditional enclosed laser machine.

Our open-architecture allows you to cut and engrave bulky objects such as furniture, windows, large signs, and wine barrels; freeing you from the limitations of an enclosed machine.

AP Lazer laser machine can be integrated with an assembly line workflow using conveyor belts, lifting equipment, robotics, and other machining tools.

We’ll send you our full product line catalog along with cut and engraved samples that have been created with an AP Lazer machine.

Accessories Included

All accessories shown below are included with AP Lazer machine purchases.

(Some packages differ based on each machine. Contact us for full details.)

Photo Of Utility Carriage

Utility Carriage

Utilize our patented removable laser top by removing it from the base and placing it atop the Utility Carriage. This configuration allows for lasering small to large items beneath.

Rotary Table 3 Phase 2Nd Generation White Plug (Verify Compatibility)-0

Rotary Table

The Rotary Attachment allows you to engrave wine bottles, mugs, glasses, flashlights and more. Setup is as easy as placing your product on the Rotary Attachment, focusing the laser lens and printing to the laser.

Photo Of Photograv


Specifically designed for laser machines. Processes scanned photos allowing them to be lasered into a variety of materials.

Blower Image For Laser Machine PagesExhaust Blower

AP Lazers are equipped with a blower and 6 fitted aluminum flexible vent. If fumes are harmful, an additional filter is required, but not included.

Photo Of Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

Protect yourself from potentially hazardous debris and high power laser radiation.

Photo Of Mechanical Lift Cart

Mechanical Lift Cart

Place large, bulky objects on the lift cart and roll directly beneath the laser head. For use when removable laser top is placed on the Utility Carriage. Weight capacity: 2,200 lbs.

Coreldraw X8 Suite-0

CorelDRAW Graphic Suite

Corel has it all: a quick, intuitive workflow, high-value digital content and design tools that let you do more than you ever thought possible! Create layouts for any laser job and please your customers using CorelDraw.



LightBurn is a layout, editing, and control software for your laser machine. Create layouts, apply settings like power, speed, number of passes, cut order, etc., and send the result directly to your laser machine.

Photo Of Laptop


New Windows 10 laptop with a mouse and charger. Laptop brands may vary, but min. specs are: 15″ LCD screens, Dual-Cores Multi-Threaded (Intel or AMD), Wi-Fi & Bluetooth enabled.

Photo Of Air Assist Accessory

Air Assist

Provides protection to the condensing optics and enhances engraving/cutting performance.

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