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How to Change the Future of Your Funeral Home with a Laser

It’s no secret that the funeral industry is experiencing massive disruption. Between the change in social norms, new technology entering the marketplace and Baby Boomers driving the way of the…

how to choose the right size machine

Choosing Your AP Lazer Machine: What Size is Right for You?

What products will I cut/engrave with it? Where will I put it? How will I pay for it? What size should I purchase? These are a few questions that…

Laser engraved father's day gifts

Your Guide to Laser Engraved Father’s Day Gifts

Can you believe Father’s Day is just around the corner? While many people may be getting stressed trying to figure out what to get Dad, you’re as cool as a cucumber because you own a laser engraving…

AP Lazer Spotlight: Chris Locascio of Legacy Lazer

Today’s customer demands high quality personalization. As a result, laser engraving has become a major trend across America. If you’re serious about your small business, adding a laser to your…

Go Big or Go Home! New Markets Open with Large Object Engraving

Normally when we go to trade shows we leave the z-table underneath the laser top. This gives the AP Lazer the appearance of a traditional boxed up laser machine. Our reps have to spend time…

Achieve Perfection: Avoiding the Most Common Laser Etching Mistakes

The great news: thanks to decades of developments, today’s laser machines have become so streamlined and user friendly kids as young as ten can use them and get great results. But the bad news:…

4 Ways Your Funeral Home Can Rock a Laser Engraver (+ a Bonus!)

As the funeral industry changes and evolves, personalization has become one of the trends that shouldn’t be ignored. Families want unique ways to honor their loved ones, resulting in a funeral that…