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Laser Machines for Schools

laser machines for education

Excite Students of All Ages with A Laser

Provide students the ability to learn STEAM through their own interests with a laser engraving/cutting machine. A wide range of real-life applications attracts students to learn the physics of CO2 laser, 3 axis motion and improve use of computer software, transforming them into thinkers and builders well before they reach the job market.

Theater students can use the laser for sets, props and costumes. Athletes can engrave things like baseball bats, gloves, shoes and sports balls. Artistic students can work on their design skills while producing art with the laser. The musically inclined can engrave names or inspirational quotes onto music instruments. The best part? It’s easy enough for a 10-year-old to use.

Case Study: Lennox High School

Case Study Cover Image

See how one school has successfully integrated AP Lazer into their curriculum. This case study was pubished by eSchoolNews.

Faster Than a 3D Printer

Same Basic Science and Engineering Principles

laser engraving and cutting machine
Like a 3D printer, a laser also features 3 axis motion with computer numerical control (CNC). But, the cutting and engraving speed of AP Lazer is up to 500x faster than that of a 3D printer. A simple 3D letter would take hours to produce with a 3D printer; a laser can produce the same object in minutes. Although a laser machine can not directly construct a 3D object as a 3D printer does, it’s speed will allow the whole class of students try their own small projects within one class period.

Learn With AP Lazer

Cut/Engrave Acrylic

Cut/Engrave Wood

Cut/Engrave Leather

Engrave Glass

Engrave Brick

Cut Cardboard & Paper

Engrave Metal

Cut/Engrave Fabric

Engrave Granite

Laser Machines for Education Guide


Learn what an AP Lazer can do for your classroom in this free, informative guide. Be sure to share it with your colleagues!

What Educators are Saying

laser machine review

“Not only are [the students] intrigued by how it works, but they also realize the many opportunities that a laser machine opens for them out in the world. Some of them see it and immediately think of how to start a small business using it, while some see it as a useful tool for existing enterprises.” Steve Shannon, Instructor, John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center

laser cutter review

“If money were no object, the laser cutter would be my No. 1 tool, as it is perhaps the most versatile tool that I have ever used.
Casey Shea, California high school math teacher and “Maker Educator”


laser engraving review

“The number of things we could find to use this machine for are countless! There isn’t a program offered today which hasn’t been changed with the incorporation of technology. This is why we selected a laser engraving system, and it has definitely improved our curriculum.
George Danford, Career Center Director

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