Your Guide to Laser Engraved Father’s Day Gifts

Laser engraved father's day gifts

Can you believe Father’s Day is just around the corner? While many people may be getting stressed trying to figure out what to get Dad, you’re as cool as a cucumber because you own a laser engraving machine (or know someone who does) and are confident that you can create a custom gift for them in just a few minutes that he will cherish forever. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ideas that are fun and functional. It’s summer, and like we can’t wait to do at the pool, let’s jump right in!

1. Laser engraved BBQ utensils just for YOUR dad

Since we’re on the subject of summer, and Father’s Day falls right in the best part of the season, let’s talk grilling. Whether your dad is a pitmaster or a bourgeoning Barbecue aficionado, how could he not love these beautifully customize BBQ tools?

Laser Engrave Bbq Tools
Red Ghost Custom Engraving, Treblig Design, Grand River Laser Designs

2. Personalize engraved cutting boards

Why a cutting board? Good question! The reason I love these cutting boards is that they are versatile. Dad can opt to use it if he wants to, or he can hang it up and display it for all of your family’s guests to oooh and ahhh at!

Cutting Boards
Balconi Monuments, Lazer Creations

3. Cute and meaningful key chains

Whether serious or funny, make dad’s day by giving him a functional and fun keychain that speaks to his interests. I love the laser etched and engraved fish, but the World’s Greatest Farter has me rolling with laughter!

Custom Key Chains
Lazer Creations, Cutting Edge Laser Works

4. Unique tumblers that remind dad of your love daily

Tumblers are far and away the most popular custom engraved product on the market right now. There are so many possibilities when it comes to an engraved polar mug. From hitting on his favorite hobbies, to engraving a drawing one of your kids did onto a cup dad will carry with him everywhere. If you don’t have an engraving machine yourself, look for someone in the area who does laser engraving. They very likely have some version of these tumblers in stock and may be able to get you a finished gift within a few days, if not sooner!

Unique Tumblers
E Marie Tumblers, JW Laseerworks, Hahn Custom Engraving

5. Thank him for the skills he’s taught you with a cool custom hammer

This is probably my favorite gift on the list! If your dad is handy, this is the perfect give to remind him why he does what he does; to keep his family safe and happy! Personally, I’d probably end up putting this gift on display in the shop rather than using it, but it’s certainly functional if he does choose to use it.

Engraved Hammers
Lazer Creations, Everything Lasered

6. Keep his brew cold with a cool koozie

These are so fun! Gift one of these to him with his favorite beer inside and you’ll automatically make his day. Dad’s love to be reminded that they’re a badass, right? In this collection, I really appreciate the step-dad koozie, because it’s important to remember that blood isn’t the only thing that makes a man a father.

Leather Koozies
Del Sol Laser Creations

7. Personalized signs are perfect for dad

Is your dad a barbecuing guru? Does he strum his guitar with skill? Does he just like a little flattery every once in a while? If any of these sounds like your dad, a custom engraved sign, might be just the thing for him this father’s day. The gift of a laser-etched sign that speaks to his personal interests is one of the coolest ways to show your love. It’s certainly more interested than a standard, off-the-shelf, #1 Dad mug, don’t you think?

Lasered Wood Signs
Del Sol Laser Creations, Lazer Creations, Coffee Customs, Walker Monument

8. Laser etched bar set

Your dad has a variety of tastes for the finer things. He doesn’t subscribe to the idea that liquor is better than beer, or vice versa. This set contains something for all of his beverage preferences; a beer stein, a stoppered carafe, a cool polar mug (for when he’s on the go), and a rocks glass. No matter what he’s drinking, you pops will be sipping in style!

Personalized Glassware Set
Coast2Coast Ceramics

9. LED laser engraved sign

Now, this one might take a little more time to produce, so if you’re thinking this is the coolest way to give your dad something meaningful, you may want to get started now. The bases can be purchased or made, depending on your (or your laser engraving resource’s) abilities. These also make incredible retirement, graduation, and baby shower gifts!

Led Light Up Sign, Laser Engraved
Legacy Lazer

Whatever you end up making your father this holiday, we’re sure you’ll be pulling out all of the stops creatively, so please visit us on Facebook and share your creations!

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