Why are CO2 Laser Engraving Machines better than a 3D Printer for STEAM?

Like a 3D Printer, But Better!

Better Than A 3D Printer - Students With Co2 Laser Engraving Machine

“The AP Lazer CO2 laser engraving machine has the same basic science and engineering principles as a 3D printer. It features computer-controlled three-axis motion, just like a 3D printer, but it boasts more benefits that educators will find to be an advantage.” 

David Strickler, President of AP Lazer

At the recent Future of Educational Technology Conference (FETC) held at the Orlando Orange County Convention Center in January, educators immediately recognized that AP Lazer has the high potential to strengthen students’ education in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). Additionally, it can assist schools with cost-saving and revenue generation.

“The cutting and engraving speed of the laser is much faster than that of a 3D printer, up to 500x” Strickler explains. Cutting a simple 3D letter with the AP Lazer takes seconds, 3D printing takes hours to produce the same object.“This feature makes it possible for an entire class to complete their small projects within one class period. This just can not be done with one 3D printer.” When it comes to profit in the business world, time really is money. The increase in production speed with a CO2 laser engraver over a 3D printer maximizes efficiency and profit.

With the patented two-part open architecture design, AP Lazer can also complete much larger projects than you could ever dream of with a 3D printer. This means that a large 3D object constructed by AP Lazer’s 2D cutting is impossible for a school-scale 3D printer to complete. Laser engrave virtually any item, from something as small as a pencil to as large as a granite piece, and watch creativity evolve. 

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So many applications…so little time

Educators are excited by the endless applications from using an AP Lazer machine for 3D printer projects. AP Lazer’s CO2 laser engraving machine provides students the unique ability to learn STEAM through their interests. Theater students can use the laser to create sets, props, and costumes; athletes can engrave things like baseball bats, gloves, shoes, and sports balls; artistic students can work on their design skills while producing art with the laser; the musically inclined can engrave inspirational quotes onto music instruments. The wide range of applications will attract students to learn the physics of CO2 laser engraving machines, three-axis motion, and improve their ability to use computer software. The best part? “It’s easy enough for a 10-year-old to learn and use,” Strickler adds.

An AP Lazer machine can save schools money and generate revenue. A 3D printer filament can be expensive. In comparison, AP Lazer’s laser tube lasts ten thousand hours. Schools can produce their trophies, signage, wall of fame displays, and more – a huge cost saver.  Revenue can be generated by charging fees for students to engrave their personal iPads, smartphones, or personalized gifts.

Laser Engraver For BricksFundraising is fun with AP Lazer

“My daughter raised $250 for Christmas gifts for homeless kids by selling 125 laser-cut bracelets. It only took me five minutes to design, the AP Lazer did the rest in 10 minutes.” Tong Li, the inventor of the AP Lazer, said. A school could raise enough money for a playground by selling laser engraved brick. In addition, they could raise money for their theater program by making or engraving and selling show-related paraphernalia. Items like t-shirts, granite or wooden plaques, signs, etc., would be great ways to promote after-school programs and keep them around for years to come. 

One FETC attendee commented, “yes, the possibilities are endless.” How true that is! You are only limited by your imagination. The AP Lazer helps to give students the creative outlet they desire and allows them to design freely. Learn more about how your students can benefit from the use of an AP Lazer C02 laser engraving machine in the classroom

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