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Watch us on Motorhead Garage TV!

On September 2nd and 5th, AP Lazer was featured on an episode of Motorhead Garage TV. Kyle had an awesome time with the guys – laser engraving all kinds of custom auto accessories and auto parts. We demonstrated our patented open architecture laser machine and even laser engraved the Motorhead Garage logo onto a tool box. Also on display was a truck door that was previously laser engraved, a creeper, and a stool., all engraved utilizing AP Lazer’s open architecture and high power capabilities. Personalization is hot in the auto industry, and just as they discussed, the AP Lazer is capable of engraving leather, metal, plastic, rubber, glass, and many other materials, which means that when it comes to custom auto work, you can personalize everything from the seats to the tires, the engine to the floor mats and everything in between.


We hope you enjoyed learning more about AP Lazer on Motorhead Garage TV!




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