As with all laser machines, the tubes, mirrors, and lenses have to be replaced with use. Our machines are covered by an unrivaled 3-2-1 Warranty: three-year parts, two-year tube, and mirror and one-year lens warranty. *The SN1812 has a sightly different warranty. Ask your representative for more details.

  • 7f73d694c27f891caad3454fded4512a?s=32&d=mm&r=g Melissa Trevino says:

    I would love to know the warranty information on SN 1812

    • 985d640524fb586fff6331ff216f50e9?s=32&d=mm&r=g Gabriella Carlisi says:

      Hi there! I will let your sales person know to reach out to you to discuss the warranty for the SN1812.

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