If you’re interested in laser engraving/cutting, making money with a laser and growing/diversifying your business, this group is for you!

We’ve got exciting things planned for each day of the week including customer spotlights, high-profit product ideas, Q and A sessions, fun laser videos and so much more.

We also keep you updated on upcoming conventions and special promotions exclusive for group members only.


13 Places to Sell your Laser Engraved Products Online

You’ve got the machine, you’re creating priceless products and you’re ready to dig into marketing your offerings and putting yourself out there. If you’re ready to ramp it up and make money…

Beginner laser projects

6 Best Laser Cutter Projects Easy Enough for a Beginner

Whether you’re just starting your research for the best laser cutter, or you’ve already taken the plunge and are looking for the best laser cutter projects for beginners, you’re in the right…

How to Grow Your Business with a Laser

Let’s face it, growing a business is hard. It takes endless amounts of effort, hours upon hours (okay…days, weeks, month, and even years!) of dedication and a never-ending amount of creativity,…


Being able to creatively grow and diversify your business is the key to success in any business.  Let us show you how it’s done.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Two guaranteed ways to grow your business with an AP Lazer.
  • A secret market (with unlimited size!) you can capture with an AP Lazer
  • How to quadruple the value of your products
  • The benefits of personalization for your business