David Sietsema – Superior Monuments and Swanson Memorial

“We purchased our AP Lazer about a year and a half ago; it has been a very good asset to our business. We use it on a number of things, not only monuments. … Definitely worth the investment. It’s just so nice to have around because then we can do things at our speed.”  See the interview!

Mark McKenzie – McKenzie Funeral Services

“We do engravings for cremation item and headstone engravings for a lot of families. [AP Lazer is] very easy to use and the staff is great. We’ve been able to diversify, we’re not just focusing on funeral home items. [We have plans to] start doing more memorials and other gifts for grieving families.”  See the interview!

Frank Daniel – Church and Chapel Metal Arts

“We were jobbing a lot of our laser engraving processes out which was taking up to 48 hours to get a single urn engraved. We turned to AP Lazer. The machine was simple, easy to use, customer service was top notch and we got hands on training. We’re a satisfied user. I’ve been able to train 3 of my employees. It’s very easy and user-friendly.” See the interview!

Tim Norman – XYZ Machining

“As a result of purchasing an AP Lazer, our company’s reputation, orders, and credibility has increased in a few short months.”

Lana Richards – Fort Chadbourne Foundation

“We’ve engraved leather, Masonite, all kinds of wood, metal, brick and much more and highly recommend AP Lazer!”

Cathy Kundratic – Powder Coat Finishes

“We’ve been developing a method that really hasn’t been available to powder coating, and wouldn’t be available to us if it weren’t for the AP Lazer. First we use the laser to engrave whatever logo, or pattern we want, then we use the laser to lay the powder into it.”  See the interview

Mike Mims – Cherokee Caskets

“We bought our AP Lazer about two years ago. We’ve been excited since the first day we brought it into our place and can’t live without it. There are so many people in the industry that can take advantage of additional revenues AP Lazer provides.” See the interview!

Michael Dickemore – MD Custom Engraving

“We had been looking at different laser machines over the years and we just had not seen a machine we could invest in. Then came along AP Lazer systems. We liked what we saw about their machine, open architecture, versatility, 110w power, and the list goes on, so when the opportunity came up … we jumped at the chance and purchased their SN-4836 system with all of the extras.”  See the Interview!