Isaac Waters – VBI Engraving

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“[AP Lazer] is unlimited potential. You could do probably fifty times more with that machine than with any other machine.”

Patrick O’Connor – Lazer Sharp Marking

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“I have the ability to create something out a blank sheet of acrylic, a blank piece sheet of plexiglass and make it personalized… and [my customers] can’t find that anywhere else.”

Durant Wolfe – Lazer Anything

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“The number one reason I go with AP Lazer was the service more than anything else.”

Bill Gilbert – Treblig Lazer Designs

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“We wanted to buy something that could be taken care of in the United States. Something that someone was going to service for you and be there after the sale.”

Darrin Plank – Vonscorpion Customs

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“I kind of took the customer service with a grain of salt like every other customer service- but it’s been phenomenal.”

Bonnie Gilbert – Treblig Lazer Designs

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“[My husband and I] decided we needed to have a part-time income once we retired from our full-time jobs and so we wanted to make sure it was something fun. When we discovered AP Lazer we knew we found the item we would have fun with.”  

Amber Coffey – Coffey Customs

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“We really like that the AP Lazer has an open base. We can put big items under it… we’ve had someone bring us a door!”  

Michael Weigel – Intricate Laser

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“The feedback from [customers] has been overwhelming.”  

David Sietsema – Superior Monuments and Swanson Memorial

“We purchased our AP Lazer about a year and a half ago; it has been a very good asset to our business. We use it on a number of things, not only monuments. … Definitely worth the investment. It’s just so nice to have around because then we can do things at our speed.”  See the interview!

Mark McKenzie – McKenzie Funeral Services

“We do engravings for cremation item and headstone engravings for a lot of families. [AP Lazer is] very easy to use and the staff is great. We’ve been able to diversify, we’re not just focusing on funeral home items. [We have plans to] start doing more memorials and other gifts for grieving families.”  See the interview!

Frank Daniel – Church and Chapel Metal Arts

“We were jobbing a lot of our laser engraving processes out which was taking up to 48 hours to get a single urn engraved. We turned to AP Lazer. The machine was simple, easy to use, customer service was top notch and we got hands on training. We’re a satisfied user. I’ve been able to train 3 of my employees. It’s very easy and user-friendly.” See the interview!

Tim Norman – XYZ Machining

“As a result of purchasing an AP Lazer, our company’s reputation, orders, and credibility has increased in a few short months.”