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The Best Way to Target the Cemetery, Funeral, and Memorial Industries

The Best Ways to Target the Cemetery, Funeral, and Memorial Industries Featured Image

It’s no secret that networking and building relationships are a sure-fire way to grow your business, but have you ever considered your local cemetery, funeral home, or memorial business? Deathcare businesses and the services they provide to your community are highly valuable and often overlooked when it comes to seeking out partnerships. Many in the cemetery, funeral, and memorial industries are looking for ways to diversify their business and create more revenue, while still staying true to their line of work.

That’s where you come in! With your AP Lazer, you can offer to provide engraved keepsakes for their customers and take the guesswork out of diversification. Provide cemeteries, funeral homes, and memorial businesses the chance to create even stronger priceless relationships with their customers without them having to lift a finger. Efficiency at its finest!

“What objects do families want?” This is an opportunity to work with your deathcare partner to understand how you can best support their business and the community. Using this question is a way to nourish your partnership to provide them with product options they’ll be happy to offer, and in turn, customers will love and cherish.

Laser Engraved Casket, Cemetery, Funeral Memorial

AP Lazer’s open-architecture laser machine is the perfect addition to any cemetery, funeral home, or memorial business looking for diversification. Give your local deathcare businesses the opportunity to unlock the limitless profit potential, while providing their customers with highly-emotional, personalized keepsakes, urns, caskets, granite monuments and so much more, all through your business.

This will help your deathcare partner to stand out from the steep competition, improve product offerings, and add unrivaled profit potential for their business. Your services essentially sell themselves!

We’ve created an example of a business plan for you to present to prospective cemeteries, funeral homes, and memorial businesses that you can download here.

We’ve also created a trifold marketing brochure template that you can customize for your brand which can be downloaded here.

Casket Engraving

Adding a completely personalized laser engraving to a casket allows families to truly reflect the life of their loved ones. When you offer a laser engraved casket, the personalization options are endless. Nearly any piece of artwork, text, bible verses, song lyrics, etc. can be permanently marked on a casket. Laser engravings will add a high level of customer satisfaction to your business partner’s services and can add more profit to their casket sales.

Laser Engraved Urn, Cemetery, Funeral Memorial

Monument Engraving

The same kind of personalization done on caskets can be added to various types of headstones, monuments, and memorials. The difference is customers can admire your work for years to come. Allow your deathcare partner to offer their customers a selection of personalization options, from style, and color to wording and images. If you become a customer of our sister company, SuperNova International, you’ll gain access to a variety of blank headstones and monuments for personalized engraving. You can check out their selection here.

Personalized Urns

Traditionally, when it comes to memorializing loved ones, families are able to grieve and feel connected through personalized cemetery headstones and markers.

Now that cremation memorials and rates are on the rise, many families with loved ones who opt for cremation are left wanting – wanting a way to capture the legacy of a life once lived. We offer a variety of urns that can be conveniently purchased through our webstore.

Your Success is Our Success

New to the world of laser engraving? Not to worry! With your purchase, you’ll get 8 hours of training with our large laser machines and 4 hours with our small machines. We offer workshop classes every Friday, covering a variety of topics, in addition to our various video tutorials and customer marketing tools available to all AP Lazer customers. Have a question at 2 am? We’ve got you covered! We have tech support available 24/7 to help with any issue you may run into.

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