SN3024 LASER MACHINE (discontinued July 2018)

Fully equipped with a 30” x 24” work area, patented removable laser top, EZ-Leveling System, and a high power 100w laser tube, the SN3024 is a great laser cutting and engraving machine for many of your business needs.

It’s removable top allows for lasering larger, heavier items that do not fit in the traditional ‘boxed-up’ laser system.

Blast into donation bricks and stone, while powering through thick acrylic and other porous materials with a high-power 100w laser tube.

The SN3024 is a versatile tool you can add to your business that will allow you to offer your customers more value with custom engravings on nearly any material, which is a lucrative way to add value to products you’re already selling, introduce new product lines as well as create laser cut products from scratch.

Our laser systems are also excellent for any facility that produces signage, works with metal, wood or other products. They are easy to use, easy to integrate and produce a quick ROI.

SN3024 Specs

​Included Accessories

​​Utility Carriage

​Mechanical Lift Cart

​Rotary Table

​Slant Jack



*CO2 lasers can mark bare metals when coated with a metal laser marking material (LMM) solution. AP Lazer does not sell LMM solutions directly but they are available through retailers like LaserBits. As we do not manufacture the LMM solutions, we are unable to guarantee their effectiveness. Please follow-up with LaserBits and/or LMM solution manufacturers for additional information.

**NOTE: Do not engrave PVC and other potentially harmful plastic materials. Consult the plastic manufacturer and/or obtain a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to verify safety.