After watching TV one Sunday morning and stumbling across a show that was advertising the AP Lazer, my husband and I instantly became interested. We both have our own businesses so we were leary to take on a new venture. After watching the show, I contacted customer service and was lucky enough to get Mandi Smallwood as my representative. I can’t say that we would have went through with this venture if it weren’t for her dedicated customer service. She NEVER pressured us, answered EVERY question that I had for her, sent me current AP users that I could contact with more questions and went over every detail about pricing and the benefits of going with the machine. After much consideration, we went for it, with the largest machine that AP Laser makes. Training didn’t happen until November, but we were lucky enough to pop out amazing Christmas gifts that people will treasure always because of their unique personilization that the AP Lazer allowed us to do. AP Lazer as a whole is an amazing company and the user group is the best of the best. But a huge shout out to Mandi for pushing us over the hump and making sure we purchased this incredible machine. Can’t wait to see all the amazing things we will create in the future!!

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