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Introducing LAZEROCK by AP Lazer

Large screen, ultra-HD TVs displaying a lifetime of high-resolution photos with memorable music as the last beautiful memory of a loved one has become every funeral’s core element. Every family has dozens of precious family photos engraved in their minds.

lazerock on super gray granite


Getting multiple family photos laser etched onto a monument is gaining more and more popularity, which provides memorial retailers with more artistic works, as well as higher profits and better customer satisfaction. However, the high-resolution photos can only be lasered onto dark granite, which are more expensive than gray or low-end pink granite colors.

lazerock colors
LAZEROCK process tested and shown on various granite colors.


This image is a digital rendering to represent LAZEROCK’s capabilities. Actual LAZEROCK results may vary.

Introducing LAZEROCK

LAZEROCK is a patented process which embeds colors into light colored granite. The nano-implanted color has stronger chemical binding than the binding between the mineral content in the granite. As a result, the color is as permanent as the natural color of the granite.

When performing a coating adhesion test, a chunk of granite was actually removed from the surface, which you can see in the image above. This accident indicated that the color binding is stronger than the mineral binding of the granite itself.


How Deep is The Color Implanted?

A monument was lettered using the LAZEROCK process when we later discovered that the lettering should have been black instead of white. So, the monument was sent to the factory to have the letters polished off. But the factory could not grind the letters off, so they then used a diamond saw to cut 1/8″ off the surface. After the cutting, the granite still showed shadows of letters. 

Scientifically, the color of LAZEROCK is as permanent as the granite itself. We apply a layer of non-organic and organic protective coating on top of the image to protect the color. The transparent layer is acid-proof and UV-protective. Therefore, we can guarantee the color lasts for 100 years.



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