Laser Machines for Education

Laser Machines for Education

What if there was a single tool that kids were excited about that helped teach science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics? Well, there is. That tool is a laser machine.

Students With Laser Machine Education

We all Love Lasers

Seeing cartoons and movies as children where heroes and heroines used laser guns and lightsabers to defeat the enemy just might be the reason why students of all ages love lasers. Regardless of how children have become enamored with lasers, it’s a good thing.

Because laser machines have the ability to teach our children many practical applications, they are quickly becoming increasingly popular in classrooms and tech labs around the world. Laser machines are also becoming increasingly common in a variety of industries in the public and private sectors. This means having even a basic knowledge of a laser cutter/engraver can be a huge leg up in getting a job in a difficult job market.

AP Lazer is in the Business of Creating Opportunities

We supply laser machines for education to many high schools, community colleges, and universities. The AP Lazer machine covers subjects such as science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. It helps students learn about light physics, electrical currents, power supplies, and mirrors in science class. Machine software and electronic controls in computer class. They will learn about arrays and how to calculate surface area in math class and digital design in art class. This single tool provides an abundance of learning outlets in a way that students find fascinating.

Accelerate Learning with Lasers

The physics of the laser tube alone is visually amazing as children can see how the compressed CO2 gas in a glass tube is excited by electrical current, refracted, and focused which creates the laser beam. There are many lessons that can be taught on the physical elements of lasers– light physics, electrical current, refracting light, focal lens, and power. Laser machines for education are a no-brainer.

Students Learning About Laser Machines Education
Another important area of laser technology is digital design. Students can learn how to design things quickly and easily using software to accommodate any student level of interest, from beginner to advanced curriculum. The AP Lazer machine is designed to accommodate popular design software such as Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW to create digital images and text. This creative side of design in the software lets the student’s imagination go wild and is ideal for an art or graphic design class. Students are thrilled to watch their designs come to life in a matter of minutes.

Students On Computers Laser Machines For Education
In Results: The Key to Continuous School Improvement, Michael Schmoker writes: “people work more effectively, efficiently, and persistently . . . while gauging their efforts against results.” Results are easily measured when they are tangible, the likes of which AP Lazer helps them to create. AP Lazer makes this process very easy for teachers and very real for students.

Safe for Any Classroom

All AP Lazer models have easily accessible cutoff switches and stop buttons to prevent the laser from firing unless conditions are safe. On-site training is provided as well as video training and 24/7 customer support. The power range is from 40 watts to 100 watts, which is a safe range of laser power for teaching the fundamentals of lasers.

Want to learn more?

Are you a school administrator or teacher that likes the idea of having a laser machine at your school to promote technical learning of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics?

Contact our sales team and we will walk you through the basics of how the laser machine works including a review of our discounted price incentives for schools.

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  1. Tobias Armstrong

    I had no idea that you could get such efficient laser cutters, not to mention ones that were safe. I think introducing technology like this into classrooms is a great idea, especially when they’re outfitted with the safety precautions you talked about. Thanks for sharing.

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