Laser Engraved Personalized Urns

Why Offer Laser Engraved Personalized Urns?

Laser Engraved Urn

With a large portion of your customers choosing cremation combined with the rising trend of personalized goods and services, your customers are now expecting, it is important for your business to offer products to satisfy both of these rising demands. Why not do that with laser engraved personalized urns?

You can look at cremation as a low cost, low profit, bottom of the line sale, or you can take advantage of it and turn it into a high-profit opportunity. Not all customers opting for cremation do so because of the cost. Often times, families don’t purchase an urn because they simply don’t see anything that they like that reflects their loved one.

What if you could offer a laser engraved personalized urn for each and every one of your customers opting for cremation? An urn that reflected their life, memories, and all of the unique characteristics that made them the person they were? AP Lazer provides you the ability to do just that by adding photos, text, and other artwork to the urns you are already stocking.

Offering laser engraved personalized urns will set you apart from your competitors, add a high level of customer satisfaction to your services, and can add additional profit to your cremation sales. Don’t just offer cremation, specialize in cremation by turning it into a high revenue opportunity that will delight your customers one by one.

Laser Engraved Urn
Photo courtesy of Buxton & Bass Okeechobee Funeral Home & Crematory

What Types of Urns can be Engraved?

Today’s urns are most commonly made of metals such as brass and alloy, wood, (oak, pine, bamboo, and walnut just to name a few) granite, glass, wood, and marble, all of which can be permanently marked with a laser engraver. AP Lazer can also engrave on less common urn materials such as powder-coated metals, leather, rubber, and much more.

Cremation Garden Urns

Laser Engraved Cremation Urns Garden

Urns are not just for inside anymore! As more of your customers opt for cremation, it’s important to offer them as many types of laser engraved personalized urns as possible.

Cremation Garden Urns offer a solution to those seeking a final resting place for their loved one with the characteristics of a memorial. Garden urns can be placed by 1-2 people in a home garden or other favorite setting and can be admired in the natural outside world. View our full line of cremation urns and other cremation memorial solutions.

Profit Capabilities

Offering laser engraved personalized urns can add revenue to your cremation sales on multiple levels. A laser engraving on an an urn can add anywhere from $50-$200 to a cremation sale. Better yet – you can use a personalized laser engraving to entice those customers who wouldn’t normally purchase an urn at all. Display a variety of laser engraved urns in your showroom and your customers will have a hard time turning down the opportunity to honor their loved one.

Matthew Buxton, Funeral Director at  Buxton & Bass Okeechobee Funeral Home and Crematory states:

“In most cases I will add a $65 engraving charge to an urn. Sometimes, I add a complimentary engraving to an urn purchase. By doing that, I am selling more urns. I had a family that originally was going with a cardboard minimum container and when I offered the engraving at no charge, the decided to go with a $325 MDF urn that I pay about $40 for. That is extra money that I otherwise would not have been able to make.”

Laser Engraved Urn Designs

There are many design options for personalization on an urn. Getting to know your family and learning about their loved one will help determine what kind of artwork they may like. Most everybody is passionate about something whether it be their religion, music, sports, family, animals, or even skydiving – there is artwork out there to capture any interest. Add the names and dates and you can come up with a uniquely personalized urn honoring the legacy of a life once lived

What Funeral Homes are Saying

Mike Mims Photo

“We bought our AP Lazer about 2 years ago. We’ve been excited since the first day we brought it into our place and can’t live without it. There are so many people in the industry that can take advantage of additional revenues AP Lazer provides.” [watch full testimonial]
Mike Mims – Cherokee Caskets

Mark Mckenzie Photo

“We do engravings for cremation items and headstone engravings for a lot of families. [AP Lazer is] very easy to use and the staff is great. We’ve been able to diversify, we’re not just focusing on funeral home items. [We have plans to] start doing more memorials and other gifts for grieving families.”[watch full testimonial]
Mark McKenzie – McKenzie Funeral Services

Adding personalization to urns not only creates more profit for you when working with cremation customers but, more importantly, provides your families with another level of satisfaction when celebrating a loved one’s life. Today’s buyers are seeking a more personalized experience and you can provide that when you offer personalized laser engravings on urns and other items such as caskets, tribute memorials, and other commemorative gifts.

Are you ready to add laser engraving to your list of memorial services?
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  1. John

    Many of the funeral homes we work with use laser engraved urns and they tell us that the families of the deceased love the detail that laser engraving offers. We haven’t seen any of the urns containing images, although the text is always beautifully styled.

  2. Jeanelle

    I’m looking for a urn to put my husbands dad in in our back yard by a memorial tree we planted for him. I would like it engraved with his name and born til his passing. I live in dublin ohio my cell number is 614-512-7977

  3. sikis izle

    A good blog! I will bookmark a few of these..

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