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Laser Engraver for the Automotive Industry

Laser engraving machines have become one of the most versatile technologies for processing a wide variety of materials in many different industries, including the growing automotive industry. Whether you’re seeking a solution for custom branding and marking on automotive parts or looking to offer customized services to your customers, AP Lazer’s versatile laser engraving machine for the automotive industry is your answer.

Utilizing a Laser Machine in the Automotive Industry

Until now, traditional ‘boxed-up’ laser systems have not caught the eye of the auto industry. Why not? The answer lies in the design of the machine.

Traditional style laser systems are only capable of engraving, marking and cutting small, lightweight objects. These laser machines provide unlimited applications for the auto industry, where most parts are heavy and bulky. AP Lazer’s patented open architecture and two part design has changed all of that.

Originally designed to engrave large granite monuments and wooden caskets, AP Lazer’s design has caught the eye of many other industries seeking ways to simplify processes or add customization to the products they manufacture.

What Can You do With a Laser Engraving Machine?

Laser Engraved Auto Part

From cutting excess off large plastic parts, customizing engine covers to branding small parts such as belts or gas caps, the possibilities are endless. AP Lazer’s unique design provides the ability for an engine block, a transmission, a car door, and even fabric or leather seats to be engraved by the laser beam. Many materials can be permanently marked or engraved with a laser machine including metal, plastics and acrylic, rubber, vinyl, leather, wood, and much more. Laser marking and engraving doesn’t involve inks or other chemicals, making it a very clean and cost-efficient method of marking your products. Bottom line, if you are looking for a laser engraver for the automotive industry, AP Lazer is the tool you need.

AP Lazer Machine Features

  • No size/weight restrictions Open architecture allows for engraving on items any size, from a small pen to commercial signage.
  • Removable Laser Top A unique two-part design allows you to use the top of the laser machine completely independent from the home base, allowing you to place it over a conveyor belt.
  • Ease of use AP Lazer’s 110v plug and play system is user friendly and works similar to a printer.
  • CAD capabilities AP Lazer has a full line of CAD design enabled cutting and engraving capabilities.
  • Plug and Play Unlike other machines, the AP Lazer plugs directly into the common 110v electrical outlet.

Case Studies

Röchling Automotive: Akron OH

Laser Machine Over Conveyer

What they do: Engineer and manufacture components and systems by utilizing high-performance plastics.

How they’re using AP Lazer: Roeschling has taken advantage of AP Lazer’s two-part design by integrating the removable laser top directly into their conveyor system. A radial robotic arm removes a large plastic part from an injection mold, places it directly beneath the 100w Co2 AP Lazer, cutting the plastic part with precision and accuracy. The robotic arm then moves the part back to the production line after the excess of the plastic has been cut The Integration of the AP Lazer system has not only improved cutting quality but also reduced the production cost, as the plastic parts were preciously cut manually.

XYZ Machining: Warsaw, Indiana Custom Auto Parts With A Laser Machine
What they do: Manufactures aluminum and titanium racing parts as well as custom products for other industries.

How they’re using AP Lazer:
Branding not only differentiates one manufacturer’s product from others, engraving a logo on a product will make it easier for customers to find the manufacturer and place their next order. XYZ Machining, Inc. found very quickly that the AP LAZER system gives them great flexibility and versatility on customization and branding which increase their image, reputation, therefore, driving the orders up. Tim Norman, owner of XYZ says “We can now etch anything we want into the parts that we create. As a result of purchasing an AP Lazer, our company’s reputation, orders, and credibility have increased in a few short months.”

Laser Engraved AutomotivePowder Coat Finishes: Baltimore, Maryland

What they do: Custom powder coating services for a variety of applications.

How they’re using AP Lazer: Powder Coat Finishes, LLC has discovered that any item that is powder-coated becomes an ideal surface for custom laser engravings and markings. They have customized automotive parts such as cylinders and valve covers.

AP Lazer and your Automotive Business

Our large format, open architecture laser engraving system provides a wide range of new profit and cost-cutting applications within the automotive industry – the only limit is your imagination. How will you use AP

Lazer in your current or new business? Give us a call at 800-585-8617 or contact us here.

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