Does your business already do glass engraving? Are you using sand or hydraulic blasting to do those engravings? If you want to improve your engraving production capabilities and quality, then a laser glass engraving machine is the best tool for the job. AP Lazer’s laser engraving machines have an array of tools which make engraving straightforward and logical:

  • Motion Control – Our laser’s system utilizes high-speed micro stepper motors. These motors allowfor constant even torque and this eliminates positioning errors and creates higher quality engravings.
  • Just Plug It In – All of our laser machines are ready to run after plugged into a 110v electrical outlet.
  • Belts – The laser systems have high-quality rubber belts which create smoother torque on the stepper motor drive systems and pulley bearings. This increases the life span of the motors.
  • Multilayer Engraving – AP Lazer’s machines are capable of engraving raster images and cutting laser vectors at the same time. This is a major time saver.
  • Axis Bearings – These laser engraving machines have X and Y-Axes attached to linear guide bearings, which means increased speeds while maintaining high accuracy.
  • Red Dot Diode – This makes finding your starting position and proper position of your material quick and easy.
  • Resolution Detail – The AP Lazer machines are capable of a resolution at 1000 dpi. The standard lens they come with allows for roughly 300 dpi, and all of this is easily adjustable to varying levels of detail and precision.
  • Removable Laser Top – Our lasers allow users to easily move the top half of the machine on to the utility carriage so that large objects can be placed underneath.
  • Memory Controller – Our 128MB independent memory lets you store multiple files on the laser engraver and control it without being connected to a computer.
  • Leveling system – The leveling system on each laser engraver has invidivudal adjustments for each wheel to ensure a level surface when engraving.

It’s time to take your business to the next level with our glass laser engraving machine. You will have engravings with higher quality and be churning them out at higher speeds than ever before. If this is your first engraver, then rest assured that adding this personal touch to the product will increase its value and generate more revenue for you. If you’re uncertain about purchasing a laser engraver in full up front, then we have financing options avaiable. Still have questions about our glass laser engraving machine? contact us online here or call us at 800-585-8617.