laser engrave large materials

No Size or Weight Restrictions.

All AP Lazer machines come standard with a fully removable laser top, creating a two-part convertible laser machine with 100% open architecture. A powerful CO2 laser tube housed in the removable top of the machine allows you to laser engrave objects of virtually any size or weight.

Your High Power Solution.

Blast through bricks and other stone materials with a high power 80w, 100w or 130w laser tube. Whether laser cutting, engraving or marking, this laser engraving machine’s CO2 laser offers high power, low maintenance and excellent beam quality.

laser engrave bricks
large laser engraving equipment

Large Market Potential.

Virtually no size or weight restrictions gives you the opportunity to tap into large, unexplored markets. Large items that your competitors can’t tackle equals large profits and unlimited earning potential for your business.

Machine Features

laser engraving equipment features
No size/weight restrictions.
Open architecture allows for engraving on items from small large, light to heavy.
laserable materials
Process a wide variety of materials.
From granite and metal to wood,
acrylic and many other materials,
our laser engraving equipment can tackle them all.
110v laser machine
Easy to use.
AP Lazer’s 110v plug and play system is user-friendly and works similar to a printer.

Which Machine is Right for You?

That answer depends on the largest size material you plan on engraving, the power needed to engrave specific materials and your available space. A sales representative will be happy to assist you in determining which AP Lazer laser machine will best suit your needs. Or, compare our laser engraving equipment.

laser engrave large materials
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See it in Action.

Watch the AP Lazer in action. From the removable top to the EZ Leveling System, see what features make the AP Lazer machine the perfect fit for you.

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The AP Lazer Difference

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