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Boys II Men Gets “Tanked” With the Help of AP Lazer

Nathen Morris, the founder of Boyz II Men, was shocked when he saw his finished fish tank, designed and created by the Tanked Team. ”Dude, I have no words right now.” he states, while staring at the Boyz II Men theme tank, “This is pretty much freaking me out”. The 3 ton tank was built into an area that used to be a fireplace.

Boys II Men AP Lazer

The Boyz II Men group started as a teenage boy band, writing and singing sentimental love songs about boys’ dreams of love, coping with the conflict between their innocent feelings in a not so innocent men’s world. Nathan even came up with the “Boyz II Men” logo himself. Now, a 3D acrylic version of his logo is cut and permanently engraved by an AP Lazer machine and is the focal point of a beautiful fish tank in his home.


The band started in 1985 and after three decades, the teenage boys turned into successful adult men with fame, money, and standing at the top of their world.

When the Tanked team realizes the finished wrapped pieces of acrylic acutally read “Men II Boyz”, Redneck explains to Wayde, that the mistake is natural, because when it is flat, it reads exactly as it should – “Boyz II Men”. A quick lasering onto the back side of the acrylic and the mistake is fixed.



After listening to their 2014 album, it seems as if the middle aged all boys group are longing for the past, to be boys again. The “Men II Boyz” mistake is a meaningful metaphor.



Watch AP Lazer in action on season 6, Episode 11 on Animal Planet’s Tanked! Watch a clip here.




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