The AP Lazer System has a design that can accommodate virtually any material, regardless of weight, shape, or size. It offers a high power CO2 laser and a low-cost glass laser tube. The AP Lazer Machine can be arranged around a production line or with a conveyer system. It will work with uneven surfaces and boasts an extremely user friendly leveling system that allows you to align the machine for any job surface. Multi-layer etching is possible, using multiple speeds and power settings. Laser lettering and portraits can be accomplished simultaneously, saving the purchaser both time and money, while making customer bids more attractive and more profitable than the competition.
Place the laser unit atop the Utility Carriage and your machine can be wheeled from site to site for maximum efficiency and convenience. The AP Lazer Machine is available in three sizes allowing the customer to purchase the machine that best suits the customer’s workspace, expected work flow and the largest expected project.
The AP Lazer Machine takes all the advantages of the boxed laser (high speed, high precision, low cost and well-developed hardware and software) and the gantry machine (larger engraving area, accommodates larger materials) and improves on them both. This AP Lazer Machine can also be separated into parts: the laser top and z-table. The laser top sits on a movable carriage cart, and the z-table can be moved in and out from under the carriage cart. When the z-table is under the carriage cart, AP Lazer works exactly like a traditional boxed CO2 laser machine, capable of doing all that the boxed machine can do for jewelry, gifts, trophies and plaques. When the z-table is removed, large objects like caskets, monuments, tables, chairs, cabinets, auto parts, building materials or large machine parts can be placed under the AP Lazer Machine and can be engraved or cut by its high power (from 80W to 150W) CO2 laser.

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