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AP Lazer’s Economic Impact to the Laser Engraving Industry

ap lazer on floorOriginally only very small objects such as gifts and trophies could be laser engraved and cut by a CO2 laser machine. Not until recently have heavy stone products such as cemetery monuments, granite and marble slabs been able to be laser engraved. Previously the monumental industry relied on sand blasting technology. Now items as small as a pen or as light as a piece of paper can be cut or engraved by the AP Lazer Machine. This new technology can also accommodate items as heavy as a 3000 lb. granite sign or monument, and as bulky as a cabinet or a casket.

The AP Lazer Machine suddenly opens up engraving and cutting for large and bulky products at high speed with high precision and at a low cost. It also opens up great new opportunities for retailers, such as monument shops, cemeteries, funeral homes, trophy and sign shops to diversify their businesses. Large glass doors in business entryways, airport glass panels, large empty walls and floors are now potential spaces for graphics, photos, advertising and marketing. An architect recently told Dr. Li, “We are living in a visual era and every architect has to consider all opportunities for high visual effects.”








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