5 Ways a Laser Cutter Will Revolutionize the School Fundraising Game

Steam Concept

School fundraising has been around for decades. Why? Because it’s tried and true, and it works. What is new however, is incorporating a laser cutter into your fundraising projects. School fundraising will not only quickly raise money for a good cause, but it also teaches students useful skills such as confidence, leadership skills, teamwork, goal setting, and community building.

What if you could take school fundraising to a new level? What if, along with all of those skills, your students could learn valuable STEAM concepts at the same time? What if you could turn a traditional fundraising event into a unique, hands-on, learning experience where your students not only generated the funds but also created the items to raise those funds?

When you invest in a laser cutter for your school, all of these things are possible. A laser cutter – deemed as the Ultimate STEAM Machine –will add a whole new level of learning and creativity to your school fundraising efforts. Because students will essentially be creating their own products to make money from, they will be more involved and excited than ever before.

Students will test their creativity by first generating ideas for fundraising efforts, then figuring out what is needed to make the project successful. They will not only sell the items, but they will use hands-on skills to create the items.  So, what things are schools already finding success with?

School Fundraising Bricks

Engraved Bricks School Fundraiser

A brick fundraising effort can generate funds rather quickly for your school. Donors love seeing a custom message or name engraved in a brick especially when it is for a great purpose and an ideal location such as an athletic field, a new auditorium, or as a landscaping feature.

A single brick fundraiser could potentially pay for your laser cutter. A 4” x 8” brick will cost you roughly $4, but you can often raise up to $150 per brick! At that rate, 100 donors will raise just under $15,000 for your school. Even better, a brick fundraiser is usually a never-ending project that will keep generating funds. And with AP Lazer’s patented open architecture design, your laser cutter will be able to produce bricks in high volume at a rapid rate, saving both time and money! Here’s what you need to know about laser engraving bricks.

Stainless Steel Mugs

Stainless steel mugs are still rising in popularity. They are easy to personalize with a laser cutter, and this would be an excellent opportunity for your students to raise funds for sports teams or other extracurricular activities. Stainless mugs can be purchased in a variety of sizes and colors, giving your buyers plenty of options. Buy them in bulk to get the lowest price.

Stainless Mugs For School Fundraising

The customization options are endless, and students can streamline the process by creating a set of templates that buyers could choose from. When it comes to customization, It’s quick and easy to modify a template by adding a student’s name, last name, or sports number.

Personalized Gifts

Laser Engraved Personalized Gifts

Offering personalized gifts is a great idea and are most successful at Christmas time. Let your students choose from popular engravable items like crystal ornaments, wooden photo frames, leather notebooks, drinking glasses, money clips, stainless steel mugs and so much more! Many distributors specialize in laserable blanks, making the purchasing process simple. There are hundreds of items for students to choose from when putting together a school fundraising program around personalized gifts.

Donor Recognition Wall

Donor walls, when done right, can be a great focal point for your school. No matter the material you choose, a laser cutter is most likely capable of getting the job done. Like a donation brick, a donor wall gives donors a sense of permeance and for an extended period, essentially forever! From wood plaques and glass panels to metal plaques and acrylic sheets, a laser can help your students create the donor wall of their dreams while applying STEAM concepts!

School Donor Wall
Screenshot taken from

Donation Benches

Donation benches can raise quite a bit of money for your school, especially when they are personalized with a laser cutter. Benches are permanent and allow those passing by to take a seat and reflect. Benches can be placed near walkways, gathering spaces, and near sports fields.

Granite Buddy Bench

Have you ever heard of a Buddy Bench?  The Buddy Bench was started by a young boy named Christian, who thought it would be a great idea to have a bench on the playground where children could foster new friendships if they felt left out or lonely. The Buddy Bench movement was picked up by the Huffington Post and is becoming popular across the U.S. You can customize your very own Buddy Bench and many other donation benches with your AP Lazer!

As you can see, possibilities are endless when it comes to producing successful school fundraisers with your laser cutter!

Is AP Laser Cutter Right for My School?Students With Laser

Well in short, yes! AP Lazers’ patented open architecture offers users the most versatility and freedom. With little to no size or weight limitations, your students can cut and engrave nearly any size item. Additionally, AP Lazers’ tech support is second to none and will offer you priceless customer service and support. When it comes to fundraising projects for students, our laser systems come with everything your students will need.

We also include on-site setup assistance and training, a superb warranty, and 24/7 technical support. All users gain instant access to AP Lazer University, an online portal for learning all things laser as well as access to an exclusive Facebook Group for AP Lazer owners and operators. You’ll never feel alone as you learn and grow with your AP Lazer!

For more information about integrating an AP Lazer into your school, request more information here. While you’re at it, feel free to check out our customers’ experiences and success on our Facebook page!

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