Make A Difference In Your Community With A Laser Cutting Machine

When it comes to building relationships and supporting the needs of your community, most don’t immediately think of a tool such as a laser cutter. This involvement in your community is a cornerstone of any good business, but it is absolutely essential to the funeral profession. Who else must more fully understand what makes their community tick? Who else has the corner on where their true, practical needs lie, whether those needs be physical or emotional? No one knows more about the complex, ever-changing heartbeat of your town than you do. Because of your passion for providing your community with the best service possible, we know you’re constantly looking for more and better ways to serve your community. Here are three ways an AP Laser cutter can help you strengthen your local connections, and make a real difference in your community:

1. Celebrate Your Community’s Successes

Small businesses and local organizations are continually looking to commemorate significant moments and dates. Maybe it’s a local baseball team looking for a personalized trophy to celebrate a great season. Perhaps it’s a local non-profit looking to provide customized bracelets or headbands at an annual 5k. Maybe your local coffee shop or pub is looking to honor a famous visitor with an engraved seat. Or perhaps it’s a local business in need of a plaque to commemorate its 50th anniversary. With your own laser cutter, you can be the one to provide the personalized touch these groups are looking for. These types of opportunities provide you with a unique way to make connections in your community. With your own laser, you can be symbolically and physically present for some of your community’s most significant – and memorable – moments. When someone needs end-of-life care, you can bet you will be at the forefront of their mind.

Laser Engraved Brick

2. Uniquely Memorialize Your Community’s Loved Ones

As a funeral care provider, you’re intimately aware of the desire of many individuals and families to publicly honor their recently passed loved ones. What you may not know about are the countless options a laser cutter can provide to these individuals and families. The AP Lazer can turn everything from a bench, a brick walkway a table, an automobile door, indoor tile or wood flooring, or even a public wall into a one-of-a-kind memorial. With your laser, you could become the local funeral business that never runs out of options for families looking to make a lasting – and unique – memorial. And what better way to market your services than to put your lasered stamp out in the community for all to see?


3. Invest in Your Community’s Future With a Laser Cutter

Wondering how to better connect to the needs of the younger generations in your community? With an AP Laser cutter you have so much to offer science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM), students. Offer laser workshops, and provide middle school, high school, or even community college students with real-life opportunities to roll up their sleeves and put their engineering and computer software knowledge to the test. You’ll be allowing them to see a project through from the design phase all the way to the finished product – all in one afternoon. Additionally, you can come alongside your local schools by providing them access to the world’s simplest fundraising tool. A laser cutter can laser over 100 bracelets or ornaments in minutes. Design and laser a school logo, and help your local schools raise hundreds of dollars for their upcoming winter fundraiser. Take advantage of these types of opportunities, and gain a reputation as a true rubber-meets-the-road change-maker committed to your community’s future.

Iceberg Under Water


Get Creative: Find Your Unique Niche

There are so many more than just these three ways a laser cutter can help you make a difference in your community. Have a local community theatre group? Your laser can become an integral part of their productions by helping provide them with uniquely designed sets, props, and costume pieces. Feel like taking advantage of the fact that there’s a smartphone in the pocket or purse of pretty much everyone you know? Charge a small fee to engrave individualized memorial designs on smartphones, and corner a uniquely specialized personalization market. Want to support non-profits like your local library? Help provide them with beautiful donation plaques honoring local generosity. Use this to build on your reputation as an advocate for civic and educational engagement and support.

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We’re not exaggerating when we say these ideas are the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. Want to know more about how your very own AP Lazer can strengthen and expand your business? Get in touch with an expert! If You’re still not sold, check out the success of our customers on our Facebook Page!

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