As a funeral care provider, if there’s one thing we know you understand above all else, it’s this: memories matter. Your customers care deeply about the memories they hold dear, and so, by extension, you do too. But have you challenged yourself lately to go beyond the typical with your services? One way to do this is to offer completely unique memorial keepsakes that your families will be able to cherish for years to come.

Now more than ever, people crave the ability to individualize their experiences. They want to put their stamp of uniqueness on every aspect of their lives. Have you considered taking advantage of this opportunity? As a funeral care provider, you’re already an expert at assisting your customers in celebrating the lives of those they love. You already understand how impactful – and significant – it can be to create a tangible memory of these types of events. And that’s why you should take advantage of the ever-expanding personalized memorial keepsakes market.


1. Wood Burned Magnet Keepsake

Classy and understated, these small keepsakes will end up on your customer’s fridge, long-term memory of a special day, as well as an effective ad for your unique services.
Keepsake Memorial Personalized

2. Memory Stone Keepsake

These beautiful memory stones are small, a perfectly pocket-sized way for your customers to memorialize a loved one’s passing. Natural stones are not only affordable to buy in bulk but also laser engrave easily!
Memorial Keepsaes River Rocks

3. Engraved Golf Balls Keepsake

Your laser can handle surfaces as tricky as a golf ball, a wonderfully unique way to memorialize an individual’s hobby after their passing. These particular golf balls can be found here, by why not have the ability to make your own with your AP Lazer?

Memorial Keepsakes Laser Engraved Golfballs

4. Personalized Wind Chimes

An engraved wind chime is a beautiful way to allow your customers to weave the memory of a loved one into their everyday life. Every time the wind blows, they’ll be reminded of their loved one. See more of these unique wind chimes you can make with your AP Lazer.
Memorial Keepsakes Laser

5. Personalized Holiday Ornament

The holidays are a tough time of year for someone who has lost a loved one. So many memories are made celebrating holidays, so why not memorialize a loved one with a custom laser engraved ornament? The personalization options are quite endless, and you can produce these on mass with some affordable plywood. This Etsy shop offers one of the ornaments, but you’ll most likely need many more than one.

Laser Engraved Memorial Keepsake Ornament

6. Cheese Board Keepsake

Here’s a beautiful way to help your customers memorialize the food-lover in their lives every time they’re in the kitchen. Was grandma a skilled baker? Engrave her favorite handwritten recipe onto a wooden board, and she’ll always be in the kitchen with you. (And, you better bet everyone will be asking where it came from!) This article shows a method that would take hours to create what you can do in a few minutes with a laser.

Memorial Keepsakes Engraved Cutting Board

7. LaserEngraved Keychain

Offer your customers personalized keychains, and you’ll end up on the key ring of a chunk of your community in one fell swoop. This keychain was created by scanning in a thumbprint and lasering it onto the dog tag. Replace the logo with a name and date for a simple yet heartwarming memorial keepsake.

Memorial Keepsakes

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8. Laser Engraved Baseball

No matter what hobbies a loved one was into, there are unique ways to honor their life with personalized laser engravings. Since a laser can engrave on nearly any material, there are many options for creating memorable memorial keepsakes.Engraved Baseball E1521060623184

9. Laser Engraved Photo Frame

Give your customers a personalized frame to memorialize their loved one they’ll appreciate for years to come.

Laser Engraved Memorial Keepsakes

10. Wooden Memorial Sign

This wooden sign is not only a lovely memorial keepsake but also a piece of art! Created by painting a piece of wood and then lasering off the top layer of paint, anyone who receives this memorial keepsake gift will surely be proud to place in their home. One-off versions of this sign can be purchased here, but you’ll need many more than one!

Memorial Keepsakes


Memorialize Moments in Time with Memorial Keepsakes

Memorial keepsakes hold incredible power. So much more than mere objects, keepsakes are items that symbolize history. And what history is more important than personal history? Memorial keepsakes with a personalized touch work to memorialize a moment in an individual’s life story. For some, that translates to a classic wooden coaster sporting a photo of their graduate. For others, it’s a wedding favor keychain with their wedding date lasered on the top. For your customers, it could mean a beautiful magnet with their loved one’s favorite quote and initials. As this personalization trend continues to spread, keep in mind that unique keepsakes are one way you can make your funeral care services unforgettable in your community.

Invest in your own laser machine, and the personalization options are endless. Here are ten personalized memorial keepsakes – some even taking inspiration from wedding favors – that you can offer your funeral customers thanks to your very own AP Lazer:

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