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Transform your products with a laser cutting machine and add up to 400% in profit to your products

Make Your Products Priceless with a Laser Cutting Machine

Transform your products with a laser cutting machine and add up to 400% in profit to your products

As business owners we are always looking for ways to add incredible amounts of value to our products and services, right? What if there was a technique or method that could turn nearly every one of your products into invaluable items that people will cherish? Lucky for you, savvy business owner, there is. That tool is a laser cutting machine and it can easily transform your products from ordinary to high profit, high-value prized possessions that people are willing to pay for.

Capitalize on The Personalization Trend with a Laser Cutting Machine

A study was done by Bain and Company – one of the world’s leading management consulting firms – that shows a few interesting things that prove that personalization is a huge market trend:

  • Customers who had customized a product online engaged more with the company.
  • Customers who buy customized products are more satisfied and are more valuable.
  • By providing customization options, brands raise loyalty at a time when it’s more important than ever.
  • Customization helps companies differentiate their products from those of their competitors.

Here’s the truth: consumers are becoming primed for customization and personalization so adding these capabilities to your business offerings is a step in the right direction.

Today we’re sharing 11 products that have been transformed into priceless products by a laser cutting machine.

Personalized Groomsman Gift Box
Wedding’s are a once in a lifetime event that brides and groom spend BIG bucks on. When it comes to giving thanks to those who stand up for the newlyweds, a personalized gift is where it’s at.

Laser Engraver for custom wedding gifts

Laser Cut Custom Wood Word Art
With the cost of plywood being so reasonable, it’s no wonder people with laser cutting machines are cranking out beautiful wood cut art. For less than $20, you can purchase a 4″ x 8″ piece of 1/4″ plywood. You can create at least sixteen 2′ x 1′ laser cut names or words out of one sheet. The going rate for one of these is right around $40. Now let’s do some simple math. $40 x 16 = $640. You can make a profit of over $600 from one sheet of plywood, a little bit of creativity, and a laser cutting machine.

laser cutting machine creates laser cut wooden words

Laser Engraved Hammer
How much does a basic hammer cost? This one on Amazon sells for under $7. How much does a laser engraved hammer sell for? $30! Adding a personalized engraving to a simple product increases the value by four times. A hammer isn’t the only thing you can charge four times more for either.

personalized hammer created with a laser cutting machine

Personalized Cutting Board
This cutting board is another prime example of the value a laser cutting machine can add to an ordinary product.  Purchase a plain cutting board for less than $10 then just add a bit of personalization to sell it for nearly $50! That is a 400% mark up. We’ve said it before and we’ll repeat it – people pay for personalization! A cutting board like this could easily become a family heirloom.

personalized cutting board created with a laser cutting machine

Personalized Wooden Clock
Ignite the “maker” in yourself by offering uncommon goods like this personalized clock. This clock was created with a piece of oak, (a laser cutting machine will cut up to 1/2″ thick oak) a bit of stain and a set of clock hands. Simple enough, right? This 11″ clock is going for $80 and makes for a one of a kind, timeless gift.

custom clock created with a laser cutting machine

Heirloom Recipe Box
For right around $50, this custom made recipe box would make any foodie a happy camper. A blank wooden recipe box will cost you under $8 on Amazon, and with a little laser cutting machine magic, you’re on your way to a making quite a profit on a special (yet simple) product. Here’s to hoping the foodie in your life is planning on sharing all of those yummy creations with you!

personalized recipe box created with a laser cutting machine

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Laser Cut Wood Place Card
We’re back on the wedding train… because let’s face it; a wedding is a huge deal for the 50%+ of the population that choose to tie the knot. These beautiful laser cut names would make a statement at any wedding – and they should since they cost $7 each. A small wedding guest list of even 75 people means your business could make over $500 on these simple names made with a laser cutting machine.

laser cut wood place cards created with a laser cutting machine

Personalized Slate Coaster Set

Purchase slate coasters in bulk and pay around $5 for a set of four.  Create a sweet design and set up an array on your laser to complete them all at once. (follow our simple slate engraving tutorial here.) A set of customized slate coasters is selling for $26.50 on Etsy. That’s a 400% mark up, and will provide you right around $20 in profit per set.

personazlied slate coster set done with a a laser cutting machine

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Wooden Lodge and Cabin Sign

If you’ve got a big fancy cabin or lake house, you need a big fancy (laser engraved) sign to go with it. Although there is a bit of craftsman ship that goes into creating these signs, they wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for a laser cutting machine. A laser is a superb tool for adding high detailed text and artwork to various materials, including this beautiful 18″ x 24″ Eastern White Pine sign that sells for $185 on this Etsy shop.

laser engraved wooden sign created with a laser cutting machine

Engraved Liquor Decanter
As if a liquor decanter (just the word decanter sounds uber fancy!) isn’t fancy enough, a priceless laser engraving comes to the rescue to add another level of sophistication. It’s labeled as an “Unforgettable Groomsman Gift,” but we’re certain any dapper fellow or lady would appreciate this.

personalized liuqor decanter created with a laser cutting machine

Personalized Cornhole Game
Where there is Cornhole, there is sure to be fun. It’s basically the best outdoor game there ever was. We’re certain you’ve played before, but have you ever played on a custom Cornhole game? A bit of personalization turns this crazy fun game into a family keepsake that will be sure to have others wondering where it came from. At $200 each, you’ll be happy with all of the word of mouth customers from the party!

personalized cornhole game

Laser Engraved Memorial Brick
These one of a kind, beautiful keepskaes honor the life of a furry friend or beloved family member. AP Lazer customers have been able to pay for their machine after scoring one or two brick contracts. A laser cutting machine is an ideal tool for creating truly custom pieces that will warm the heart of the recipient.  At $47.50 a pop, you’ll be sure to turn a profit. Learn more about laser engraving bricks with a laser cutting machine here. 

custom laser engraved brick completed with a laser cutting machine

Add Priceless Profit to your Products

A laser cutting machine is a relatively small investment that will results in the ability to add massive amounts of profit to nearly all of the products you currently offer.  It will also open up space for brand new products that can be enhanced with personalization. Retailers from all industries will agree that although creating a personalized item takes a little more effort upfront, the added value results in a profit that is 100% worth the extra time. Consumers love to see something unique to them on a product while retailers are discovering that they can elevate customer loyalty and engagement when providing personalized goods.

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laser engraver for wood

Laser Engraving Wood with AP Lazer

laser engraver for wood

Laser Engraving Wood

In spite of all the design, craftsmanship, and effort that is involved, woodworking is a tough business that generally has low margins. Consider laser engraving wood. You can dramatically increase the profit on the wooden products you design, create and offer.

laser engraving wood furniture

Woodworking in America is a business that goes back for centuries. It’s a core industry to our economy, supplying businesses and consumers with a wealth of well-designed wood products such as furniture, cabinets, flooring, tools, construction materials, picture frames – the list goes on.

During the last 100 years, wood product production techniques have remained roughly the same regarding the process – cutting, joining, and finishing. It’s time to look at the woodworking industry differently and find ways to innovate and make your business more profitable.

laser engraver for wood

Personalizaton: A Growing Industry

Participate in the rapidly growing personalization trend in the U.S. and increase value when you add highly detailed, laser engraved graphics and text. Consumers love to see their name, personal image, or business logo on the products they buy. Additionally, laser engraving on wood is a great way for a business to brand products with their logo or company name and information.

laser engraved woodWood product producers have yet to capitalize on the personalization trend because machines aren’t yet adopted as a production tool in the woodworking industry. Laser engraving wood can occur on a finished product as the final step before delivery, or insert it into the workflow just before staining and clear coating.

Laser engraving wood is a profitable process you can incorporate into your business. It can double or triple the value of a product. From wood plaques, cabinets, panels and doors to granite, auto parts and iPhone cases, the emotional response to seeing a personalized product is tremendous. Consumers are willing to pay a significantly higher price for personalized laser engraved items.

Photo courtesy of MD Custom Engravings
Photo courtesy of MD Custom Engravings

Diversification with a Laser Machine

Not only can you add value to your existing wood product offerings, but you can diversify into new markets with little to no overhead costs. Tap into signage, pet products, awards/trophies and many more markets with a laser engraving machine. Your imagination is the limit!

laser engraver for classroom

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Profit Impact

What is the profit impact of doubling or tripling the value of your product with laser engravings? The laser machine has a very low operating cost.Your time to develop a personal image or text, running the machine, and electricity costs. There are no consumable materials when laser engraving wood. Almost all of the increase in value comes to you in the form of profit!

Don’t miss the opportunity to innovate and diversify your woodworking business. Implement a laser engraving machine and capitalize on the personalization trend.