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2016 Fall Conventions

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It’s Convention Season!

Fall is practically here, which means convention season is in full swing; we’ve got a busy end of 2016 planned! From Las Vegas to Kentucky, were excited to be displaying and helping businesses grow and diversify with our versatile, open architecture laser engraving machine design.

glassbuild america logo

Who: Attendees include participants from all facets of the glass, window, and door industries.

What: GlassBuild America is the gathering place for the entire glass, window and door industries in North America.

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas Nevada

When: October 19-21, 2016

Why: AP Lazer is a perfect fit for the glass industry for many reasons. Add high detail, intricate and down right stunning laser engraved artwork to glass surfaces. With the ability to engrave dozens of other materials, AP Lazer gives its users the ability to diversify into brand new, profitable markets. It’s open architecture means that you can engrave large glass objects like windows and doors (and other materials) of nearly any size and weight.

See you at GlassBuild 2016, booth #N429.


Who: Attendees include Hardscape Contractors, Dealers, Landscape Contractors, Landscape Planners and Design Professionals and Facility Managers.

What: Hardscape North America is THE Show for Contractors and Dealers! It is the only national trade show devoted entirely to the hardscape industry.

Where: Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, Kentucky

When: October 19-21, 2016

Why: With an open architecture, and portable design, AP Lazer is a perfect fit for the hardscape industry. Machine owners have a competitive edge over others in their industry by offering laser engraved materials. such as clay pavers. Diversify into new profitable markets with AP Lazer’s versatile design that can engrave and cut dozens of materials with little to no size or weight restrictions.

See you at Hardscape America, Booth #22004.




Who: Attendees include Funeral Directors, embalmers, cemeteries and others in the funeral industry.

What: NFDA is the world’s leading and largest funeral service association, serving 19,700 individual members who represent more than 10,000 funeral homes in the United States and 39 countries around the world.

Where: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When: October 23-26, 2016

Why: AP Lazer gives funeral homes across the US unlimited personalize capabilities. With personalization on the rise, you need a tool that can offer this demand. With a wide variety of engravable materials, AP Lazer can add value to many of your products. Engrave photos, text and other artwork on granite. Personalize urns of many materials as well as metal, wood, acrylic, wool and even cloth caskets.

See you at NFDA 2016!

Keep your eyes open for another blog post containing the rest of the conventions we’ll be attending before the end of the year. If you just cant wait, check our events page for up to date information.








Powder Coat Metals

AP Lazer on Performance TV

See AP Lazer in Action!

Recently, AP Lazer traveled to Johnson City, Tennessee to film an episode for Performance TV, which airs on the Velocity Network and MAV TV for the first time this weekend. Each week the Performance TV team features the top innovators in the industry. From everyday drivers to street rods to race cars, they show the audience how to crank up and improve their performance!

laser engraved car door

Teaming up with Powder Coat Finishes

AP Lazer machine owners Powder Coat Finishes, LLC joined us for filming. PCF has discovered that any item that is powder coated becomes an ideal surface for custom laser engravings and markings, and have successfully customized various automotive parts such as cylinders and valve covers. While filming the show, they demonstrated utilizing a laser machine with the powder coat process.

laser engraved car door

Using a laser machine in the automotive industry

From customizing engine covers, brake calipers, and branding small parts such as belts and gap caps, your possibilities are endless. AP Lazer’s unique design provides the ability for an engine block, a transmission, a car door, and even fabric or leather seats to be engraved. Laser marking and engraving doesn’t involve inks or other chemicals, making it a very clean and cost-efficient method of marking your products. Bottom line, if you are looking to stand out from your competitors, an AP Lazer laser engraving machine is the tool you need.

laser engraved car door

Interested in Learning More?

Call Today: 800-585-8617


laser engraved car door

See us at SEMA SHOW 2015

If you’re attending the upcoming SEMA show in early November, be sure to stop by booth #38237 Wednesday around 1:45 to visit the hosts of Performance TV and Motorhead Garage talk with AP Lazer about our versatile laser systems!

For more information about AP Lazer, give us a call at 800-585-8617, email us, or fill out our online form.



Watch AP Lazer on Tanked!

AP Lazer to Appear on Animal Planet’s Tanked

Watch AP Lazer on Tanked!
Recently, AP Lazer was contacted by the producers of Animal Planet’s Tanked TV show. The Tanked team from Las Vegas-based Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) will take fish tank building to a whole new level! The elaborate tanks they create are all filled with the most exotic, colorful, and unusual fish in the world.laser acrylic fish tanks

So, how does AP Lazer fit into such scenario? Here’s a few reasons:

  • The basis of the Tanked TV show is ultra personalized fish tanks, sometimes even for the rich and famous!
  • AP Lazer is capable of engraving a multitude of materials including acrylic. What are fish tanks made of? You guessed it, acrylic!
  • AP Lazers’ open architecture is ideal for laser engraving and cutting large items. The Tanked crew is known for creating large scale (no pun intended), out of this world tanks and aquariums.
  • Not only does the Tanked team create aquarium tanks, but they also offer pool panels, water features, exhibits for zoos and museums, and custom acrylic projects for for top celebrities, luxury hotels and casinos, Fortune 500 businesses, private homes, and millionaire homeowners across the country. ATM takes on more than 200 projects every year with tanks ranging from 50 to one million gallons in size.

Interested in Learning More?

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As it turns out, AP Lazer is a perfect fit for the Tanked team. It’s ability to engrave and cut large pieces of acrylic material makes it an ideal piece of equipment to take their enormous and awe-inspiring tanks and aquariums to the next level.

AP Lazer at Tanked

Owner of AP Lazer, Dr. Tong Li and a crew of technicians visited the Taked filming facility in early September to set up the SN4836 laser engraving system and train the crew to operate the machine. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

laser acrylic fish tanks

Want to see AP Lazer in action on Tanked? Stay tuned for more information about when you can catch AP Lazer on an episode of Tanked!

Season 6 of Tanked is currently underway and airs on Animal Planet Fridays at 10/9c.

For more information about AP Lazer, give us a call at 800-585-8617, email us, or fill out our online form.


Watch AP Lazer on Motorhead Garage TV!

Watch us on Motorhead Garage TV!

On September 2nd and 5th, AP Lazer was featured on an episode of Motorhead Garage TV. Kyle had an awesome time with the guys – laser engraving all kinds of custom auto accessories and auto parts. We demonstrated our patented open architecture laser machine and even laser engraved the Motorhead Garage logo onto a tool box. Also on display was a truck door that was previously laser engraved, a creeper, and a stool., all engraved utilizing AP Lazer’s open architecture and high power capabilities. Personalization is hot in the auto industry, and just as they discussed, the AP Lazer is capable of engraving leather, metal, plastic, rubber, glass, and many other materials, which means that when it comes to custom auto work, you can personalize everything from the seats to the tires, the engine to the floor mats and everything in between.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about AP Lazer on Motorhead Garage TV!



Engraving and cutting wood with a laser

Engraving and Cutting Wood with a Laser Machine

wood engraving with a laser machine

Can I use the AP Lazer with wood?

Absolutely! Laser engraving and cutting machines are one of the most popular tools that are used with manipulating the look of many types of wood. Whether you are a custom woodworker or are integrating wood pieces into a production line, we have a laser system that will meet your needs.

Why should I use a laser for woodworking?

Multilayer engraving done with AP Lazer
Laser engraving and cutting wood is becoming increasingly popular among woodworkers because there are so many ways to utilize the laser. All AP Lazer laser systems can simplify and streamline your manufacturing, as all AP Lazer models can engrave, cut and mark a wide variety wood materials. AP Lazer’s high power 100w CO2 laser can cut certain woods 3/8″ – .5″ and produce high resolution permanent engravings on all types of wood. Multilayer Engraving makes it easy to cut vectors and engrave raster images simultaneously, saving you both time and money.

Take your business to new heights when you utilize the laser for engraving QR codes, logos, names, and cutting out wood pieces for architectural models, toys, puzzles and wood inlays. Create one-of-a-kind pieces of wall art, personalized gifts, custom furniture and more.

Interested in Learning More?

Call Today: 800-585-8617

What size of wood piece can I engrave?

Unlike a traditional ‘boxed-up” laser machine, an AP Lazer machine offers a patented, one-of-a-kind open architecture design that will allow you to laser engrave or cut nearly ANY material size, regardless of size and weight. With a variety of configurations available, we have one that will fit your business needs and give you the advantage you are looking for. AP Lazer can function like a traditional “boxed-up” machine when it is placed on the home base. This configuration is ideal for engraving and cutting small items like business cards, trophies, and awards and personalized gifts. Placing the laser on the Utility Carriage will provide enough room to engrave large and bulky items like hope chests and other large furniture pieces. The removable laser top can also be placed directly on the floor to complete custom etchings of all kinds. The sky is the limit!

laser machine configurations

What kind of detail can I expect when engraving and cutting wood?

A laser can produce amazing high resolution images on all types of wood. It can produce photos, artwork and clean cuts on a variety of woods. It’s quite simple; the laser works similarly to a printer; simply import your image from the provided graphics software and send it to the laser to create your custom product. Because all wood has different qualities, the final look will result in a unique and beautiful finished product.

laser engraved wood items

Who should use the AP Lazer for woodworking?

Anyone looking to add custom artwork and personalization to wooden objects. If you are not currently in the woodworking industry, the AP Lazer will allow you to diversify into this new market. If you are in the woodworking industry, why not add to your current product offerings and take your business to the next level? AP Lazer users range from hobbyists, start-up businesses, online shops on Etsy or Pinterest, cabinet makers, gift shops, sign businesses, awards companies, urn/casket companies, schools/universities, furniture companies, clock companies, and hot tub manufacturers, just to name a few. A wide range of wooden materials to work with and the ability to cut and engrave the many different types of wood makes our AP Lazer System a perfect addition to your existing workflow.

laser machine on floor

Still not convinced you need a laser for woodworking?

We’d love to engrave or cut a sample of your material! Contact a representative by filling out our online form, or give us a call at 800-585-8617. Let us show you why the AP Lazer is the right choice for you!