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A Quick Guide to Section 179 and AP Lazer Purchases


AP Lazers qualify for tax deductions through Section 179

No one likes to pay their taxes. We don’t like sitting down to fill out and file them, we don’t like that we don’t immediately see any return on that money. Really, none of it is enjoyable. That may be the only part of Al Capone (who went to jail for tax evasion rather than for any of his mob related activities) to which we can all relate. Taxes are a necessary evil.

What if there was a way to exponentially increase your profits this quarter, and every quarter to follow, as well as legally get out of paying a large portion of taxes for your business?

Would you be interested? Of course you would. This article will cover a few things about Section 179 and how it applies to you and your laser machine purchase.

What is Section 179?

Long story short, Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year.

Section 179 and AP Lazer Purchases

Until further notice, Section 179 is permanent at the $500,000 level. Businesses exceeding a total of $2 million of purchases in qualifying equipment have the Section 179 deduction phase-out dollar-for-dollar and completely eliminated above $2.5 million. All AP Lazer machine purchases qualify for Section 179, as long as you put your laser machine into use by the end of 2016.

When you utilize Section 179, your business can deduct the cost of your AP Lazer system up to $25,000. Any amount over the $25,000 qualifies for an additional “Normal First Year Depreciation”, which comes out to be roughly a $200 deduction per extra $1000. That’s kind of like a laser engraving machine discount, no codes required.

Check out your tax write-off for 2016

Section 179 can provide you with significant tax relief for this 2016 tax year, but equipment and software must be financed and in place by midnight December 31, 2016. Use this 2016 Section 179 Calculator to see how much the Section 179 tax deduction can save your company.

Section 179 and Leasing

What’s the best part though? Great question. Section 179 can be used in combination with our lease to own programs. You get the laser machine in your hands, start making money off of it, and you’ll get a majority, if not all of the deduction this year. This means that you’ll end up deducting more than you even pay in 1 year for your AP Lazer machine!

The above is an overall, “simplified” view of the Section 179 Deduction for 2016. For more details on limits and qualifying equipment, please consult a tax professional. More information about Secion 179 can be found at section179.org.

Any questions? Give us a call at 800-585-8617 or email us at aplazer@aplazer.com. You can also contact us by filling out the form on our website.


leasing a laser engraving machine

5 Advantages of Leasing a Laser Engraving Machine

Advantages of Leasing a Laser Engraving Machine Gif

Should I lease or buy my laser engraving equipment? One of the first questions you will most likely ask yourself when purchasing a laser machine is whether leasing or buying is your best option. Here are 5 Advantages of Leasing a Laser Engraving Machine:

  1. Leasing any large equipment conserves your cash, allowing you to keep more of it available in the event other opportunities arise within your business. Additionally, you can spend more money on growing your business and navigate changing business conditions.
  2. Your laser engraving equipment can pay for itself. Once you are trained on the equipment, you can put it right to work as you earn money to pay the monthly lease payment. Any additional money earned past the monthly payment is profit for you.
  3. Leasing gives you the ability to write off lease payments and interest for tax purposes with Section 179. Using Section 179 with an equipment lease can be a very profitable decision. The amount you can deduct will almost always exceed your cash outlay for the year when you utilize an equipment lease. Leasing equipment and taking advantage of the Section 179 deduction can help not only with cash flow, but with profits, too.
  4. Leasing provides a considerable amount of options: deferring payments, $0 down, slow season payments, 0% interest for 3/6/12 months are a few options that many leasing companies offer. Additionally, you can control your monthly lease payments as you can choose from 12-72 month terms.
  5. Keep up with technology. At any time during your lease, it will be easy for you to upgrade equipment. When leasing an AP Lazer machine, all leases are lease to own. You will own your machine at the end of your term with our $1 buy out option. We will be happy to pay the $1.

The decision of leasing or buying a laser cutting or engraving machine is entirely up you and the needs of your business. To get the best rates in leasing, the age of your business and business credit is most heavily considered, and will not show on your personal credit. Competition can always work in your favor and we can and will connect you to the right lender for your needs.

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why your business needs a laser engraving machine

Why Your Business Needs a Laser Engraving Machine

why your business needs a laser engraving machine

In 2011, Coca Cola launched its “Share a Coke” campaign and for the first time in a decade the company saw a drastic increase in sales. What made this campaign so popular? Coke banked on the idea that people find personalization irresistible. Everyone wants their personal touch on something, whether it is a can of Coke, a pocket knife or a special keepsake for a loved one. With the AP Lazer’s patented ‘open architecture’ design and high power laser beam you can add personalization to nearly any material. Size and weight no longer matter. Add value to the products you offer with a custom laser engraving.

laser engraved items

You Can Control Your Own Destiny

Stop outsourcing your laser work. By adding a laser machine to your current business you can have more control of your products. You no longer have to wait for weeks on end for laser work to be completed by someone else. You can keep the profits in-house. You will be able to offer shorter turn-around times by cutting out the middle man. You are in full control and don’t need to rely on anyone else.

laser machine testimonial“Every business in every industry can benefit from AP Lazer. We can now etch anything we want into the parts that we create. As a result of purchasing an AP Lazer, our company’s reputation, orders, and credibility has increased in a few short months.”

-Tim Norman of XYZ Machining, Inc., AP Lazer  machine owner

Sky High ROI

An AP Lazer machine is a relatively small investment for a high return on investment as the personalization payoff is massive. Retailers from all industries will agree that a personalized item means a little more effort upfront, with a higher profit margin in the long run. People of all ages love to see their names or something personal on a product because it makes them feel special and unique.  We also offer financing, so if your business isn’t certain it can spend the cash upfront for a brand new laser machine it can do it over time.

Take a look at this example: The SN4836 AP Lazer leases for around $800/month. Specifically, in the death care industry, the average photo montage engraving revenue is $1,000. For example, one four photo engraving per month will pay the monthly lease for the laser machine and still leave you with profit. Imagine the profit you could make if you could sell just three photo engravings a month! Below, you will see a five photo montage on a 24’x12”x2” marker that retailed for $2,995 with a gross profit margin of $2,800. That is quite a few lease payments paid for by a single engraving.laser engraved granite

Diversify into New Markets

You don’t need to specialize in other markets, but get your feet wet by offering other products and services alongside your current products and services. You can add value to everyday items with your AP Lazer. From large to small, size and weight are not an issue. A few ideas for great markets to explore include awards, personalized gifts, donation bricks, signage, pet personalization, and more. Advertising is quite easy with a laser machine as it can do the advertising for you.

Add completed engravings to your company website or Facebook page and create a showroom of product offerings in your storefront. If possible, operate your AP Lazer machine where customers can see it. When people see the spark produced with the AP Lazer machine, their imagination is ignited and personalization possibilities become endless. Americans love personalized gifts and are always looking for products with a slightly different touch – and will pay top dollar for them.

Finally, the most important reason – Lasers are awesome!

Lasers may even be considered one of the most wonderful things that man has ever invented.  They can permanently mark many different materials and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. AP Lazer engraving and cutting machines are easy to learn, easy to operate, and even easier to build profits!

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