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laser engraved pet products

Personalized Pet Products for People Who Like Pets More Than Humans

laser engraved pet products
As the pet product market surpasses $60 billion it’s no secret that Americans enjoy spending money on their furry friends. Today’s buyers are seeking personalized products and when it comes to things for their pets, that trend is no different. Whether someone is a cat lover, a dog person, a horse enthusiast or a reptile junkie, one thing is for certain: a personalized product will most often outsell its non-personalized counterpart. On average, personalized products sell for 4x the amount of non-personalized products. We’ve gathered 10 pet products for both pets and pet lovers that can be made personalized (and more profitable!) with the help of a laser engraving and cutting machine.

Laser Cut Acrylic Silhouette Clock

laser cut acrylic doxie clock

It’s multi-purpose! It’s both a clock and a beautiful wall decoration that any pet owner would be happy to hang in their home. Laser cut acrylic means that there are dozens of colors to choose from when creating a silhouette of any animal in the entire animal kingdom, even narwhals.

Laser Engraved Rolling Pin

Laser Engraved rolling pinWe’ve featured these laser embossed rolling pins a few other times on our blog; we really like them! This particular rolling pin would be great for making special treats for your pet, but also an ideal gift for someone who likes to bake.

Laser Engraved Crystal Ornaments

laser engraved glass ornamentChristmas is a special time of year for both pet parents and pets alike. In a survey conducted by Rover.com, 95% of pet owners extend their holiday gift giving to their furry friends. What better way to celebrate and honor your pet than with a lovely laser cut wooden ornament. Personalize with a pet’s name or make it simple and engrave something like “We Love Our Yellow Lab”.

Download a free laser machine purchasing guide to see what AP Lazer can do for your pet product business.

Laser Engraved Dog Collars

laser engraved leather collarNobody is happy when Fido gets out and runs away. Rest assured you will be reunited when your pet has a personalized collar. Not only will your pup be safe, but he will also be in style! Many materials can be engraved including leather and metal, all resulting in a uniquely personalized animal accessory.

Bonus: Pet Product Branding

One customer is using AP Lazer to brand their dog collars. Lazer Brite is able to use AP Lazer’s features to their advantage: by setting up an array of plastic clips, they are able to engrave hundreds at once! Branding your products will immediately increase it’s perceived value and create brand loyalty amongst your products.

branded dog collar

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Laser Engraved Treat Canister

laser engraved treat canisterTreat?! Did you say treat?! Glass is classy and engraves beautifully. Laser etching glass or crystal leaves a frosty mark on the surface that stands out, yet is smooth to the touch.

Laser Engraved Wooden Photo Frame

laser engraved wooden photo frameWith the number of photos pet owners have stored on their smartphones combined with the fact that there are real life pet social media stars, it’s a given that personalized photo frames are a popular item among pet owners. Personalize with animal quotes, breed of animal or even an animal’s name.

Laser Engraved Wine Glass

laser etched wine glassWe’d guess there is a large percentage of the population that happens to be both an animal lover and a wine lover. These laser engraved wine glasses can retail up to 5x the cost of the glass itself.

Laser Engraved Home Decor

laser engraved home decorAnimal lovers want you to know that they love animals, and a laser engraved piece of art for home is one way to show your passion for animals while making your house a home at the same time. The great thing about laser engraving is that you can design the file once, then use it over and over to create a perfect engraving every time!

Laser Cut Giraffe Bookshelf

Laser Cut Giraffe

This larger than life laser cut giraffe bookshelf is a great example creating fun and useful products. If you can make a giraffe, you can make an elephant, a dog, a cat and even a three-toed sloth.  Even better, you can make this bookshelf out of wood, acrylic, and even cardboard.

Laser Engraved Pet Memorials

laser engraved pet memorials

Easily engraved by a laser engraving machine, a memorial is a great way to commemorate a pet just as you would a family member. There are many styles of memorials available, from mini upright monuments, shaped flat markers to plaques perfect for displaying on a mantle inside.

Are you ready for AP Lazer to take your pet products to the next level? Request a consultation with an expert today.

laser cut halloween projects

5 Halloween Inspired Laser Cut Projects

laser cut halloween projectsWith Halloween creeping up on us, what better way to acknowledge the spookiness that ensues other than with laser cut and engraved goodies. Here at AP Lazer, we’ve done our fair share of ghoulish things with our laser cutter and engraver… Like the time we laser engraved a variety of candy bars, or that one time we laser engraved a pumpkin.

This year, instead of gorging ourselves on lasered candy bars and pumpkin seeds, we searched the spiderwebs, interwebs and found some devilish items you can do with your own laser cutting machine.

Laser Cut Paper Lanterns

These paper lanterns are perfect for adding a spooky touch to your home or office. You’ll need some black paper, a few sheets of velum and a battery operated tea light candle and a laser cutter for paper to produce your own unique paper lanterns.  Of course with an AP Lazer your paper lanterns can be customized to any design you like!

laser cut paper

Elegant Laser Cut “Masquerade” Mask

These gorgeous masks can be made extremely cheaply and are guaranteed to turn heads whether your Halloween is a black tie affair or a friend’s Halloween house party. This particular one was made by laser cutting acrylic and using a heat gun to mold the flat mask to fit the face. We’re not sure who would really take the time to do this, but it’s super cool none the less and proves that you can use a laser cutting machine to construct just about anything you want.

laser cut mask

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Laser Cut Retro Plane Costume

This project definitely not for those looking for something quick but will certainly get you noticed given the dedication. Designed by Aiden Chopra after a of WWII era fighter plane, this cardboard plane is made of 58 individually laser cut cardboard pieces and designs. An incredibly detailed walk-through can be found here.

laser cut halloween costume

Cardboard Skull Pencil Holder

Thing number 924893 on Thingverse is this mysterious pencil holder created from laser cut cardboard. Add a little hocus pocus to your home office – all the while organizing all of your utensils.

laser cut cardboard skull

P.S If you haven’t read up on the history of Sugar Skulls, they stem from a very interesting South Mexico holiday and tradition. Read about it here.

Laser Cut Halloween Cards

Everyone loves greeting cards, but can we all admit that they mean so much more when they’re homemade? Or, in this instance, laser-made! From the spider web to the intricate haunted house, a laser cutter is a great tool to produce such intricate artwork. And, you can produce them on mass; they will be perfect ever time. Good luck creating this look with an X-acto knife!

laser cut paper cards

That rounds up our favorite Halloween items created with a laser cutting and engraving machine. As you can see, there is no limit to what you can create with a laser machine!

Have some wicked ideas for creating laser inspired Halloween goods? Share them in the comments below!

rock a laser funeral home

4 Ways Your Funeral Home Can Rock a Laser Engraver (+ a Bonus!)

rock a laser funeral home
As the funeral industry changes and evolves, personalization has become one of the trends that shouldn’t be ignored. Families want unique ways to honor their loved ones, resulting in a funeral that is not much of a funeral at all, but more so a life celebration.So maybe you’ve considered adding some technology to your operation, a piece of equipment that can personalize many products, materials, and experiences. Perhaps you’ve considered adding personalized laser engraving services to your offerings. But maybe, you don’t know where to start. So today, we’re sharing four ways you can utilize a laser engraving machine to help your families in their grieving process.

  1. Market the Heck out of Cremation (with personalization)

    Believe it or not, cremation can actually bring you success! Instead of just offering cremation, specialize in it. Many people who opt for cremation don’t necessarily choose it because it’s cheap. Although price is a major factor, memories of their loved one are more so. Instead of undervaluing cremation, put the value back into by showcasing a broad variety of cremation memorials and educating families on the importance of memorialization and personalization. A personalized laser engraving on an urn or memorial turns the ordinary into an extraordinary life tribute. Delight your families, and add hundreds of dollars of profit to your cremation sales. View SuperNova’s (our parent company) Cremation Solutions Catalog to see what kinds of products are available for your customers who choose cremation.

  2. Promote Tribute Memorials with Tribute Videos

    If you’re already offering your families Tribute Videos, you’ve created the perfect opportunity to offer Tribute Memorials. While a video capture a lifetime of memories, a tribute memorial laser engraved with family photos and special memories will keep your customers’ memories alive forever and help in the grieving process. Families will have gone through years and years of photographs and will already have favorite photos and memories in mind. Get inspired with Tribute Memorials here.AP16_BLOG_lazerock_photos_Paetsch3

  3. Offer Pet Memorials

    The pet industry is huge! Lucky for you, it lacks pet memorialization options. As a Funeral Director, helping families with the loss of their pet will be 2nd nature. Team up with local vets and pet stores to offer beautiful laser engraved pet memorials. It’s a growing 12 billion dollar market you need to tap into.laser engraved pet memorial products

  4. Personalized Keepsakes

    It’s becoming a popular trend give funeral attendees a little something to take away, a trinket or keepsake to keep your departed loved on in their hearts after the funeral. It’s also a nice gesture of thanks for their support. A laser engraving can add a personal touch, making a keepsake even more special. We’re liking things like mini glass hearts, river rocks, and even a wooden bottle opener. All of these can be laser engraved with an AP Lazer.  laser engraved keepsakes

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Bonus! Diversify with a Laser Machine

Once you are successfully offering personalized laser engraved options for your families dealing with the loss of a loved one, you can then move into the diversification aspect of your laser machine. You’ve spent many years building loyalty and relationships with your community, and now is an ideal time to let that payoff! People love personalized gifts to remember the special events in their life: the birth of a child, christenings, birthdays, retirements and weddings just to name a few. Did you know that the average shopper spends $830 on gifts each year? Imagine if 250 of your customers spent just a quarter of that with you. That’s an extra $50,000 in additional revenue in just one year! (More than enough to pay for your laser machine!) What about all the funeral attendees in and out of your facility on a weekly basis?

As far as diversification goes, that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of profitable markets that are just waiting to be tapped into!

So there you have it, four ways your funeral home can rock a laser engraving machine and even a little bonus.

What other ways do you think you could use a laser engraver in your funeral home? Let us know in the comments below.






How to laser engrave a YETI cup

How to Laser Engrave a Stainless Steel Tumbler Mug

How to laser engrave a YETI cup

Laser Engraving Stainless Steel Tumbler Mugs

Stainless steel mugs and tumblers are increasing in popularity, and there’s a reason. These bad boys, manufactured by companies such as YETI, RTIC and Silverback are said to be indestructible and can keep your tasty beverages colder and hotter longer than any other tumbler on the market.

laser engraved stainless steel

With consumer’s desires for personalized products, there is no doubt that laser engraved YETI and other stainless steel mugs are a hot commodity and something you should definitely be offering if you have a laser engraving machine.

In this video, we show you how to laser engrave a stainless steel mug with an AP Lazer laser engraving machine.

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How to Laser Engrave a Stainless Steel Tumbler Mug

You will need:

  • Stainless steel mug of your choice
  • CerMark metal marking spray (we used a sprayer and diluted it with denatured alcohol)
  • Rotary tool attachment
  • An AP Lazer machine
  1. Measure tumbler mug and prepare artwork for laser engraving. Tip: You will need to rotate your file 90 degrees to correspond to the positioning of the Rotary Device.
  2. Set up Rotary Device. Unplug y-axis and plug in Rotary Device plug. See video on this here.
  3. Apply a thin, even coat of CerMark Metal Marking Solution to the clean surface of stainless steel mug. Let dry for 2-5 minutes.
  4. On a 100w AP Lazer, run your file at 15 Speed, 80 Power and .0025 Scan Gap. Engrave with the 2″ lens. Experiment with different speed and power settings if needed.
  5. Once engraving is complete, rise off excess CerMark.
  6. Enjoy your personalized stainless steel tumbler!

Personalized Tumbler Retail Values

Price points for engraving YETI cups and other stainless steel cups range anywhere from $5 to $40 based on location. Customers using AP Lazer have said: I’m making $40 a cup. For bulk orders I’m getting $15-$20 here in California” . I get 25 per cup all the time“. CerMark is not cheap…here I get $25 a cup and $30 pending“, and  Depends on where you’re located. I can’t get more than $15-20 per cup on single cups. The distributor I work with on large orders, only pays $6-10. You can run a lot more per hour when it’s the same logo over and over.”


Tips for Engraving from AP Lazer Owners

  • Weigh the cup down with a wet dish rag to prevent slipping on the wheels of the rotary device.
  • Test on stainless steel material from WalMart to save money while testing.
  • Make sure the layer of CerMark is thin and even. A thick, uneven layer will not produce good results.
  • Stick to your price if you feel the price is right. Never let customers dictate the price.
  • Mask where your cup makes contact with the drive wheels on the Rotary Device to eliminate over spray getting on them. (Can cause slipping), or, put a piece of masking tape on the back part of the cup that touches the rubber rollers on the Rotary Device.
  • Use rubber bands on the cup where it touches the rollers to improve grip on the mug to prevent slipping.
  • If you make a mistake on an expensive mug, it is suggested that Scotch Bright and some other lacquer thinner will take off the CerMark, just make sure you only scrub with the grain of the stainless.

Interested in learning what you can do with an AP Lazer? Contact a sales representative or fill out the form on our website.

laser engraving websites to check out

6 Laser Engraving Websites to Check Out

laser engraving websites to check out
When you’re as into laser engraving and cutting as we are, you’re always looking for incredibly unique items that can be laser engraved/cut. Because a laser engraving machine can alter just about any material, there are hundreds upon hundreds of things you can create. A couple of Google searches resulted in quite a few makers using lasers to create some very interesting pieces.

1. Jumbie Industries

Jumbie Industries hits the nail on the head for producing incredibly awesome custom laser engraved stuff. They specialize in sign making (and have a gallery to prove it) and hand-crafted manufactured pieces.  aser engraved signageThe best part? They are helping families along the way. After the son of their family friend had been diagnosed with brain cancer, they made the decision to put their professional talents to use and make a difference by donating a portion of each sale to local families that are battling cancer. The world needs more people like them.

2. 52 Lasers

52 Lasers is a perfect website to visit if you have a few minutes hours to spare. Each week, the husband and wife team selects one thing from their long list of ideas to laser engrave/cut and turns it into a finished product. laser cut Kumihimo From wood to acrylic and everything in between, this duo creates things we’ve never even thought of with their laser engraving machine. What is a Kumihimo disk, anyways? What about a living hinge? See all of this and more at their website.

3. Obrary

We can’t get enough Obrary! Short for “Open Library”, this site has over 100 free design templates and video tutorials for laser engraving some pretty cool projects like this laser cut skateboard rack.laser cut skateboard rackNot only do they provide free project templates, but they also have a few eBooks that could be helpful for the beginner laser engraver, including “Laser Cutter 101”, “Laser Cutter Advanced Techniques” and “Starting a Business with a Laser Cutter”.

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4. Cut Laser Cut

These guys are specialists when it comes to laser cutting and engraving! Located in London, this award-winning shop does it all. laser cut marque signageWe spent quite a bit of time admiring their Showcase, which includes everything from laser cut acrylic shoes, intricate laser cut paper designs, and even laser cut food. (Yummy!) Check out their blog too, where they’ve got tons more inspiration for your laser engraving dreams, such as this laser cut marquee signage.

5. Cartonus

Focused primarily on packaging, Cartonus offers a variety of free templates as well as templates you can purchase. For around $15, you can get 150 designs to laser cut your own unique packages. laser cut wine butler

Who wouldn’t want a laser cut tea bag dispenser? Or a laser cut wine butler? The best thing about templates is that you can use them over and over. And over again!

6. Instructables

Instructables is another website you could spend the better part of your afternoon exploring. A simple search for “laser engraving” results in user submitted projects ranging from laser engraved rolling pins to …a laser engraved egg? laser cut vinyl

Projects feature photos with detailed instructions you can follow along to create both useful and fun things you can create with your laser engraving machine.

This collection of laser cut item goes to show you that your imagination is the only limit with a laser engraving machine. Engrave every dream, every inspiration onto nearly any surface.

Interested in learning what you can do with an AP Lazer? Contact a sales representative or fill out the form on our website.







laser engraver for wood

Laser Engraving Wood with AP Lazer

laser engraver for wood

Laser Engraving Wood

In spite of all the design, craftsmanship, and effort that is involved, woodworking is a tough business that generally has low margins. Consider laser engraving wood. You can dramatically increase the profit on the wooden products you design, create and offer.

laser engraving wood furniture

Woodworking in America is a business that goes back for centuries. It’s a core industry to our economy, supplying businesses and consumers with a wealth of well-designed wood products such as furniture, cabinets, flooring, tools, construction materials, picture frames – the list goes on.

During the last 100 years, wood product production techniques have remained roughly the same regarding the process – cutting, joining, and finishing. It’s time to look at the woodworking industry differently and find ways to innovate and make your business more profitable.

laser engraver for wood

Personalizaton: A Growing Industry

Participate in the rapidly growing personalization trend in the U.S. and increase value when you add highly detailed, laser engraved graphics and text. Consumers love to see their name, personal image, or business logo on the products they buy. Additionally, laser engraving on wood is a great way for a business to brand products with their logo or company name and information.

laser engraved woodWood product producers have yet to capitalize on the personalization trend because machines aren’t yet adopted as a production tool in the woodworking industry. Laser engraving wood can occur on a finished product as the final step before delivery, or insert it into the workflow just before staining and clear coating.

Laser engraving wood is a profitable process you can incorporate into your business. It can double or triple the value of a product. From wood plaques, cabinets, panels and doors to granite, auto parts and iPhone cases, the emotional response to seeing a personalized product is tremendous. Consumers are willing to pay a significantly higher price for personalized laser engraved items.

Photo courtesy of MD Custom Engravings
Photo courtesy of MD Custom Engravings

Diversification with a Laser Machine

Not only can you add value to your existing wood product offerings, but you can diversify into new markets with little to no overhead costs. Tap into signage, pet products, awards/trophies and many more markets with a laser engraving machine. Your imagination is the limit!

laser engraver for classroom

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Profit Impact

What is the profit impact of doubling or tripling the value of your product with laser engravings? The laser machine has a very low operating cost.Your time to develop a personal image or text, running the machine, and electricity costs. There are no consumable materials when laser engraving wood. Almost all of the increase in value comes to you in the form of profit!

Don’t miss the opportunity to innovate and diversify your woodworking business. Implement a laser engraving machine and capitalize on the personalization trend.


Purchase and Leasing Economics for Funeral Homes

Purchase Economics for FHFrom 2005 to 2015, the cremation rate increased from 32.3% to 48.5% (16.2%). 2104 funeral homes shut their doors during the same period. Do the math. That means that for every 1% rise in cremation, 130 funeral homes close their doors. By 2030, the predicted cremation rate will be 71%. At the same rate, 2925 more funeral homes will shut down.

AP Lazer will be your knight in shining armor. It will generate significant amounts of revenue from places you never thought possible. If you only add personalization to the products you already offer like caskets, urns and monuments you can pay for your AP Lazer in a few short months.

Laser Engraved goods

Once your machine is paid for, anything else you do with it is mostly profit. You can offer other laser engraved items to your customers such as memorial jewelry, memorial plaques, and other commemorative items.

One customer offers laser engraved river rocks (costing him less than $0.30/each) that families hand out to all funeral attendees in memory of their loved one.

lasered goods

Diversify into brand new industries and offer your community a new service. After all, you have spent years building your reputation and have shared many intimate moments in the darkest times of life.

From urns, caskets, granite memorials and all types of commemorative memorial products, AP Lazer gives you the ability to avoid becoming a statistic. We’re confident your business will succeed with AP Lazer so we’ve put together this handy graph to show you just how much revenue you can generate with engraving products you already offer.

Purchase Economics of AP Lazer

purchase economics of ap lazer

  • The laser system recommended for the funeral industry is the SN4836. This machine includes laptop computer, software, training and set up assistance and costs about $40,000.
  • With conservative engraved product volume assumptions of 2 caskets, 4 urns and 2 monuments per month, enough profit can be made in just 14 months to completely pay for the AP Lazer machine.
  • Operating costs are simply 1 person at $20 per hour to run the machine and a small amount of electricity to power it.
  • Based on these conservative low volume assumptions, you can make $42,000 in new revenue and $34,000 in profit, or 79% operating profit margin for your business in just 1 year with AP Lazer.

Leasing Economics of AP Lazer

If purchasing large equipment is not an option for your business at this time, we offer leasing programs to suit your needs.

Leasing Economics

  • Lease a machine over a 5 year period at $789/ month (Tier I credit) and just slightly higher at $860/ month (Tier III credits.) After 5 years you can buy the machine for $1.
  • With conservative engraved product volume assumptions of 2 caskets, 4 urns and 2 monuments per month, you can make significant profit immediately using the AP Lazer.
  • Operating costs are simply 1 person at $20 per hour to run the machine, a small amount of electricity to power it and your month lease payment.
  • Based on these conservative low volume assumptions, you can make $42,000 in new revenue and $23,000 in profit or 55% operating profit margin for your business in just one year.

In summary, AP Lazer is a great high margin supplemental business for any funeral home, whether you purchase or lease.

Generate even more revenue when you become a Memory Care Provider.

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lazerock blog header

Introducing LAZEROCK by AP Lazer

lazerock blog header

Large screen, ultra-HD TVs displaying a lifetime of high-resolution photos with memorable music as the last beautiful memory of a loved one has become every funeral’s core element. Every family has dozens of precious family photos engraved in their minds.

lazerock on super gray granite

Getting multiple family photos laser etched onto a monument is gaining more and more popularity, which provides memorial retailers with more artistic works, as well as higher profits and better customer satisfaction. However, the high-resolution photos can only be lasered onto dark granite, which are more expensive than gray or low-end pink granite colors.

lazerock colors
LAZEROCK process tested and shown on various granite colors.
This image is a digital rendering to represent LAZEROCK’s capabilities. Actual LAZEROCK results may vary.

Introducing LAZEROCK

LAZEROCK is a patented process which embeds colors into light colored granite. The nano-implanted color has stronger chemical binding than the binding between the mineral content in the granite. As a result, the color is as permanent as the natural color of the granite.

When performing a coating adhesion test, a chunk of granite was actually removed from the surface, which you can see in the image above. This accident indicated that the color binding is stronger than the mineral binding of the granite itself.

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How Deep is The Color Implanted?

A monument was lettered using the LAZEROCK process when we later discovered that the lettering should have been black instead of white. So, the monument was sent to the factory to have the letters polished off. But the factory could not grind the letters off, so they then used a diamond saw to cut 1/8″ off the surface. After the cutting, the granite still showed shadows of letters. 

Scientifically, the color of LAZEROCK is as permanent as the granite itself. We apply a layer of non-organic and organic protective coating on top of the image to protect the color. The transparent layer is acid-proof and UV-protective. Therefore, we can guarantee the color lasts for 100 years.



laser machines for education

AP Lazer: The Ultimate STEAM Machine

laser machines for educationWhat do laser machines have to do with STEAM?

An essential part of how innovation arises from STEAM-based projects is the process of “making”. Making is simply hands-on creation – building a scale model or prototype, for instance – and much of it happens in “makerspaces” or “Fab Labs” (short for fabrication). Makerspaces are today’s new technology workshops guided by STEAM principles. In nearly every makerspace, you’re bound to find at least a 3D printer and vinyl cutter, maybe some Arduino or Little Bits kits, and – if you’re lucky – the ultimate STEAM tool: a laser machine.


With the ability to cut or engrave nearly any material, laser machines are truly the greatest STEAM tool on the market. But don’t take just our word for it. In an article for MakeZine.com, California high school math teacher and “Maker Educator” Casey Shea wrote, “If money were no object, the laser cutter would be my No. 1 tool, as it is perhaps the most versatile tool that I have ever used.”

In an article from 2009, by Mike Dean for SouthEast Education Network, laser machines got rave reviews from both administrators and students. Now you know it has to be good if both teenagers and their authority figures can agree on it.

Dark Steel Robotics, a student robotics team at the Academy of Engineering and Design Technology, found their laser machine to be crucial for their work – using it to create prototypes, cut out “numerous complex components”, and add logos to their robots.

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Club president Bryan Uber told Dean, “We use the system for a variety of applications — the machine is necessary for so many of the projects we do.” Regarding placing first in the Boston University Design Challenge, Uber said, “The laser engraver was an invaluable tool during this project.” 

students with laser machineAdministrators from the John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center in Hancock County, West Virginia also had glowing remarks about their laser machine. Instructor of building construction Steve Shannon told Dean the following.

The students are all very eager to learn to use the laser. Not only are they intrigued by how it works, but they also realize the many opportunities that a laser machine opens for them out in the world. Some of them see it and immediately think of how to start a small business using it, while some see it as a useful tool for existing enterprises.”

George Danford, director of the Career Center, told Dean:

“The number of things we could find to use this machine for are countless!

There isn’t a program offered today which hasn’t been changed with the incorporation of technology. This is why we selected a laser engraving system, and it has definitely improved our curriculum.”

Alright, I’m convinced. How can I get a laser machine?

Whether you’re looking to add a laser machine to your school or want to start a community makerspace, the first step of purchasing a laser machine is choosing the right one. We offer five models at AP Lazer, which you can easily compare using this handy matrix.

While the upfront costs of purchasing a laser machine can be difficult to navigate on a school budget, know that with this technology, you get what you pay for, and AP Lazer offers the best technology on the market.

Take for instance young entrepreneur Nurul Syazninabila Mohd Ghazali (aka Nabila). According to Cuts Studio: Laser cutting made cool by Lydia Koh, when Nabila first started her laser cutting and woodworking business, she went with a cheaper machine. It ended up breaking. In six months. Don’t make the same mistake as Nabila and invest in an AP Lazer machine from the start.

With STEAM momentum only continuing to build, some teachers are finding success in grant writing to fund their Fab Labs. And if that doesn’t work, take a page from Shea’s book and show your school how much money they could save by having a laser machine. From no longer needing to outsource campus signage, to easily customizing whiteboards for specific lessons, your school will only find more and more ways for your AP Lazer machine to save money.

Why choose an AP Lazer machine?

As a result of revolutionary engineering by founder Tong Li, AP Lazer machines offer exceptional performance, stability, and efficiency that you won’t find elsewhere. Our technology lasts longer and cuts two times faster than competitors. Our unprecedented open architecture design allows you to engrave items of any size. Look here to see what other features make the AP Lazer difference.

Not only are our machines outstanding, but we also offer the best in customer service. Between set-up assistance, video tutorials, AP Lazer University, and 24/7 phone tech support, we’ll answer all questions and solve any problems.

education discount for laser machineLaser engraving business starter package

Oh, and did we mention, educators get a 10% discount with AP Lazer?

So what are you waiting for?! Contact us today to find out how you can get your hands on an AP Lazer machine.

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10 Upcycling Ideas for Earth Day


Celebrate Earth Day this year by using your AP Lazer to upcycle old materials you have lying around the house. Not quite sure what upcycling is? Just check out these 10 cool ideas that we found.

1. Bland Jacket → Edgy Accessory

drawn lasercut jacket

For inspiration on how to upgrade your old attire, take a look at some of the pretty incredible laser cut pieces that fashion designer Elvira ‘t Hart is creating in the Netherlands. (Be aware of the type of fabric and whether there is plastic/PVC/vinyl involved at it can be harmful to you and you laser machine.)

2. Wood Scraps → Funky Jewelry

Use up any small scraps of wood you have leftover from your last project to laser cut some fun new jewelry! Charms are easy to throw onto a chain or cord for a necklace, but we really like Esty user CliveRoddy’s neat-o stackable landscape rings.

3. Mismatched Silverware → Garden Markers

Donnadiddit laser etched garden markers:

We found this idea from designer, fabricator, and laser lover, Donna Diddit. Although these are no longer available at her online store, you can take a look at these handy and crafty garden markers on her Pinterest page. Get your own ready just in time for spring planting!

4. Cardboard Boxes → Animal Head Decorations


Sure, you could pay up to $60 for one of those trendy cardboard deer heads from a retailer like Uncommon Goods. Or you could just use Instructables user Soupraok’s free template and tutorial to make your own, basically for free. Condense steps 2-4 into one process by using your AP Lazer to cut out all the pieces perfectly!

5. Cardboard Boxes → Lamp Shades

Say you’re not into the whole animal head idea, but you’ve still got all this extra cardboard lying around. Turns out that cardboard lampshades – i.e., “scraplights” – are just as trendy! And with some of them pricing well into hundreds of dollars, even we’re wondering if we should’ve gone into the lamp business… A simple design, something like David Graas’s “Not a lamp”, is a great starting place.

6. Spare Glass Jars → Labeled Storage

Picture of Repurposed Etched Glass Spice Jars...

WUVIE on Instructables used a process of stencils and etching cream to create these Starbucks-bottles-turned-spice-jars. But you’re clever and know that you can skip the fuss and mess by etching your extra glass jars and bottles with your AP Lazer and rotary device. Storing your bulk spices, grains, and baking needs has never been easier or more organized.

7. Empty Wine Bottles → Flower Vases

If you’ve got a bunch of empty wine bottles lying around, we won’t judge. Use your AP Lazer and rotary device to turn those extra bottles into beautiful, decorative vases. Avid upcycler Johnnie Collier of Saved By Love Creations also went the etching cream route for her bottles, but with an AP Lazer, you can go doily decorative, functionally labeled, or seasonally festive with yours.

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8. Extra Fabric → Basically Anything

As a creative crafter, you already know that Pinterest has 1,001 projects for you to use up scrap fabric. However, arguably the worst part of any of these projects is cutting out your pieces. But with your AP Lazer, it’s suddenly a breeze to crank out as many of the exact same pieces as you could ever need! Snag some free state outline vectors to get started on your own Scrap Map, like the one created by The little green bean on Hometalk.

9. Old Phone Case → New Phone Case

Sure, this one’s a bit of a stretch as far as upcycling goes, but making something old *feel* new – even if you’re still using it for the same purpose – is the whole point, right? At the moment, wood is definitely the most popular choice for laser engraved phone cases (like the incredible Laser9 one you see here). But with an AP Lazer, you can update yours even if it’s leather, silicone, or metal.

10. Old Paper → New Wall Art


Remember anything can up-cycled with just a little time and a dream. Turn that finger painting your kid did when they were two into a neat decor piece that you all can enjoy in their new apartment. (Photo from Silvia Raga.)

So let’s see what you make! Share your projects with us by uploading a photo and tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn.