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success with a laser in 2017

4 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Lead to Success in 2017!

success with a laser in 2017

1.  Buy An AP Lazer Machine

If ever you were going to stick to a New Year’s Resolution, this would be the one. This resolution will be more successful than last year’s on-again-off-again diet, and you’ll see the results almost immediately. If you need any help convincing yourself or your business partner, take a look at all of our blog posts. You can lease-to-own a brand new AP Lazer machine for less per month than you can buy a new car, with a much better return on investment. All of our machines come with in person, on-site assistance, US based tech support, access to AP Lazer University and one of the best warranties in the industry.  As an added bonus we’re always generating new ideas on how to make money with the AP Lazer. That’s kind of like buying a new car that includes an auto-pilot feature which can take you to where the money trees grow.

Ready to resolve? Download our free Laser Machine Purchasing Guide to learn more.

2.  Start a Business

Not as easy as the first resolution. But so worth it. Who doesn’t want to have their own business? Make your own hours, and a salary that is dependent on your own willingness to succeed. Sure it’s work, but anything good in life takes work.


This business you are opening can be a trophy shop or maybe it’s a wood crafting shop. Maybe it’s an auto customization shop. Regardless of your plan, AP Lazer will fit to you and your experiences and goals. Many customers have purchased an AP Lazer to be the center of their new business, and even more customers have purchased it to supplement and grow their current business. If you already have a business and want a laser but can’t quite figure out if it’s right for you, give us a call and a representative will help you on your path to success.

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3.  Pay For The AP Lazer Machine With The AP Lazer Machine

Yeah, you read that right! The AP Lazer will more than pay for itself. All it takes is a couple of laser jobs per month and you are on your way to paying off the machine, especially if you opt for one of our leasing programs. AP Lazer machines boast some unique features that will set you apart from other laser machines and give you the ability to make money fast. Realizing the potential and taking advantage of our patented open-architecture is extremely valuable and will provide you with many opportunities your competitors can’t provide. A few lucrative business opportunities that will allow you to pay off your laser machine in little time are: signage, memorial products and donation bricks.

One AP Lazer customer completed brick-engravinga 1000 charity brick walkway job and received $30 per engraved brick. The job took 12 days to complete, running the machine about 10 hours a day (85 bricks per day). 1000 bricks were purchased in bulk for $600.  Aside from electricity and labor costs, the company profited roughly $28k, enough to pay for his laser machine!

4.  Make Loads of Money Having Fun With Lasers

This is the best part. Anyone who has ever been a fan of Star Wars or sci-fi in general can get excited about working with a laser. (The good thing is, is that anyone who is not a Star Wars fan will sill have just as much fun working with the laser.) Sadly it doesn’t make a “pew pew” noise, but if you listen closely you may be able to hear a “cha-ching!”

fabric engraving and cutting with a laser machine

Fabric Laser Engraver and Cutter

fabric engraving and cutting with a laser machine

Fabric Laser Engraver and Cutter

lasered leather cowboy hat
Hat done by MD Custom Engraving

Are you a print shop, embroidery shop or screen printing shop looking to stand out from your competition? In a competitive market, being open to change and adapting to new technology is a must. Become the leader in your market with a fabric laser engraver/cutter and take your business to new heights.

Laser engraving and etching is a unique application where the laser removes a thin layer of fiber or pigment dye from the fabric while offering one-of-a-kind precision and detail.

Laser engraving is faster than many fabric processes which allows you to offer goods and services at lower price points than your competitors.

What is The Best Type of Laser for Cutting and Engraving Fabric?

A CO2 laser is the best type of laser for cutting and engraving textiles. CO2 lasers are easily absorbed by organic material. The high-power laser beam burns or vaporizes a material, resulting in high detail artwork and perfectly cut edges.

lasered steering wheel
Photo courtesy of Zero Error Racing Inc.

laser engraved vinyl creeperlaser engraved leather basketball

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What Kinds of Fabric can I Engrave and Cut?

Just about any fabric can be engraved and cut, including: denim, cotton, silk, Nylon, Polyester, faux fur, fleece, leather, Lycra, mesh fabrics, Ripstop materials, Ultrasuede, Neoprene, natural and synthetic felt, suede leather, rubber and rubberized textiles and more. As with all materials, there are a few fabrics worth mentioning that don’t produce the best results such as terry cloth and other plush fabric materials.

laser engraving textiles and fabric

Benefits of Laser Engraving and Cutting Fabric

  • Artwork can be positioned almost anywhere on the garment and can cross over pockets, zippers and side-seams
  • Great option for vertical sleeve/garment length decorating
  • Achieve great consistency and control with the laser’s accurate precision
  • Clean cut edge is created by the heat of the laser and are made without any pressure on the fabric
  • Faster than other methods like screen printing
  • Contact-less and tool-free process
  • No warping of textiles and fabrics during laser cutting
  • Extreme accuracy, clean cuts, and sealed fabric edges with no fraying

Integrating an AP Lazer engraving and cutting machine for laser engraved denim jeansfabric and textiles into your current establishment will differentiate you from your competitors. It’s simple to use, compatible with most design software and supports the file types you are already familiar with. All of these benefits paired with one-on-one training at your location will have your AP Lazer up and running in no time.

Interested in learning more about AP Lazer or want to have your materials tested? Give us call at (800) 585-8617, email us, or fill out our contact form.


rising cremation trend

Cremation Is a Gold Mine – If You Have the Tools to Dig

rising cremation trendAny market change can be the last nail in your businesses coffin if you ignore it. Especially fast changes such as the quickly growing cremation rate.

rising cremation rate stats

Ignoring the Industry Trend

Back in the late 90’s, when the cremation rate really began to climb, nearly everybody in the death care industry ignored it. Fast forward 20 years and the industry is now seeing the harsh repercussions from the fast growing cremation trend, the national average now sitting at over 45%.

The funeral industry is seeing a loss in revenue, a cremation service done by funeral home averages $3000, while a traditional funeral cost with a casket averages $7000. Some consumers are opting for a direct cremation, which requires minimal service from a funeral director and results in little to no revenue for the funeral home.

cremation or burial?Cemeteries are also being affected. They’re actually seeing where the future of cremation is headed before hand. Because most cemeteries rely heavily on pre-need sales, they actually “pre-see” the cremation rate 10 to 20 years ahead of everybody else. Today, cemeteries have more people calling wanting to sell their plots than people who are calling wanting to purchase one.

The industry most affected by cremation are the traditional monument retailers.The rise in cremation and idea of spreading ashes has dramatically reduced total number of traditional monuments sold. Cemeteries are diversifying into monument sales to make ends meet, and funeral homes have began diversifying into monument sales to supplement their loss in revenue.

Cremation and Baby Boomers

So what or who is behind the fast growing cremation trend? Two words: Baby Boomers. Also known as the “Me” generation. A majority of your buyers are baby boomers planning for their loved ones or pre-planning for themselves. This generation of people are known for making their mark and choosing to do things differently. They have no problem resisting traditions and they want everything to do with them to be incredibly personalized and a show of self-expression.

Baby Boomers and Personalization

Boomers are seeking products and services that are more unique than ever. The idea of personalization has resulted in an explosion of unique offerings that are personalized to commemorate all of life’s precious moments and memories. The “Me” Generation, those born between 1946-1964, are spending more money on things they want, rather than things they need. They may not need a personalized casket or memorial but when they see how it can capture their life and memories, they will want one. Read about ultra-personalized Tribute Memorials.

Interested in Learning More?

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Cremation + Personalization = A Gold Mine

By providing a variety of practical and desired solutions for cremation and personalization, you can turn the fast growing cremation rate into a gold mine. If your customers are opting for cremation, you MUST make sure they are aware of all of their memorialization options. Show them the many personalized cremation memorial options available. If you are not aware of them, you can get acquainted with our free marketing tools and cremation resources.

cremation and personalization

According to retail customers of SuperNova International, wholesale granite supplier, who successfully promote personalized cremation memorials, more than half of baby boomers who pre-arrange their cremation will chose a personalized cremation memorial when shown the options for both cremation memorials and personalization options.

Gold Mining Tools

Our patented AP Lazer system is the only tool that can handle all of your personalization needs for caskets, cremation urns, cremation memorials and traditional cemetery memorials. The convertible, two-part design was designed to handle bulky items such as cemetery memorials and caskets. Born in the monument industry, our team has many years of experience laser engraving granite and have since mastered casket engraving, urn engraving and the ability to engrave many other items.

laser machine configurations

You should also utilize SuperNova’s digital and printed cremation resources. We have spent years creating and developing cremation solutions to combat the growing cremation trend and fit the needs and desires of your customers.

cremation catalog

In Conclusion

You can lead just about any trend if you pay attention, do your research, and study. With the right tools, you can turn any change in the market into a gold mine!

Want to Learn More?

If you are interested in learning more about integrating our laser engraving equipment into your memorial care business, email us, give us a call or utilize the chat feature on our website.

Portable laser engraver

Portable Laser Engraving Machine

Portable laser engraver

Everyone wants a CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine, but depending on your needs, you may not require, or have space for many of the larger models of engraving equipment on the market. Perhaps you are looking to start your own business, or maybe you’re retired and looking for a hobby to keep you going. Either way, this is a piece of tech that should go on your wish list.

Introducing the first portable, lightweight laser engraving machine

At a mere 50 lbs. this machine is easy to move and light enough to be carried by one person. Simply connect the SN1812 to your laptop computer and you can engrave, mark and cut on the go. Adding a deep cycle rechargeable battery would make it possible for you to take it from job site to job site. Take the portable laser machine to sporting events, fairs, craft shows, and anywhere else there is a market for personalized custom gifts and souvenirs!

portable laser engraver

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Small, but mighty

An open bottom design allows you to engrave, mark and cut larger materials that don’t fit into a traditional boxed up style machine. The lightweight, portable laser engraving machine is extremely easy set-up and take down. Placing the small laser machine on the lift cart makes it possible to roll it wherever you want, and set up shop. Just pump up the lift cart, slide the saw horses underneath, remove the lift cart, and you’re off! While positioned on the saw horses, you are able to roll items right underneath the laser head for lasering. It’s unique open bottom design makes it possible for the laser machine to be put directly onto the floor, counter top, or even on the hood of a car to complete engravings.

portable laser engraver

This machine is the perfect size for the hobbyist. Even if it never leaves your house, the portability of this machine means that you can use it in the living room and store it in the hall closet.

Cost of Equipment

As far as cost goes, this portable engraving machine is a cheaper hobby than many others such as model railroading. And that’s not even taking into account the money you can make off of the products you can produce. Check out our post about 20 Crafty Uses for a Laser Engraver and Cutter for some ideas. Rest assured, Your ROI is much greater for the SN1812 than it is on a HO scale diesel locomotive.

portable laser engraver

Want to learn more about this exciting opportunity? Give us call at (800) 585-8617, email us, or fill out our contact form.

laser machine after purchase

What to Expect After Your Purchase

after laser machine purchase

We believe great customer service doesn’t end once you receive your AP Lazer. In our eyes, that’s when it has just begun.

Lets start with a short story from the owner of AP Lazer:

“My mom always complained to my Dad: ‘You work for everyone but me! If the salt shaker falls over, you don’t pick it up’. My Dad just smiled at me and winked while I was helping him, quickly turning his concentration back on his multimeter or soldering iron. I’ve known the color rings of a resister since second grade. In his spare time, my Dad was always repairing radios, TV sets and other electronics for relatives, neighbors, friends and colleagues never charging a penny. ‘He is the best electrician in town!’ a stranger once told me when I was a small boy.

Today, it’s common to pay $150 per hour for technical support services. Because of my father’s actions and generosity, I have a hard time charging people for that kind of service. Last night, an AP Lazer customer called my personal cell phone. I solved his problem in ten minutes while sitting at the bar in my kitchen eating my nectarines. Turns out, he had broken a wire on the step motor driver. After we found the problem and got it solved, I felt like I enjoyed my nectarines much more than I would have had I eaten in solitude. What could of taken my customer hours or even days to figure out on his own, was able to be solved in ten short minutes. No matter what time of day or night it was, I felt great knowing that I saved my customer hours of frustration. And, like I said, my nectarine tasted better too.

When I started AP Lazer, I decided that I wanted to be that 10 minute guy that would save customer hours of trial and error. I wasn’t sure if I could do what my Dad did, as he fixed everyone’s problems for free. Technicians are not free to hire, but I will try my best. At least I will not charge for my time on phone support. I give you permission to call me direct on my cell phone: 517-303-0689. As long as the boss doesn’t divorce me, my line will always be open.”

Interested in Learning More?

Call Today: 800-585-8617

Post Purchase Customer Support

On Site Set Up Assistance and Basic Training
Once you receive your AP Lazer system, a representative will be in contact with you to schedule your set up assistance and basic training. A skilled technician will come to your establishment to set up your machine and make sure it works perfectly.

Technical Support
In the middle of a job and need immediate help? We’ve got your back. An AP Lazer technician is always just a phone call away with our 24/7 US based technical support hot line. Remote log in assistance is also available.

laser machine tech support

Advanced Training Class
More information to come!

Facebook User Group
Join our online group of machine users and technicians to ask questions, share advice and get laser engraving tips.

AP Lazer University
All machine owners will gain access to exclusive information available through our online learning portal.

All AP Lazer machines come with a warranty like none other in the industry. All AP Lazer Systems carry a three year parts warranty, two year tube and mirror warranty, and a one year lens warranty. Also available is an extended warranty if you’d like additional peace of mind.

Laser Engraving Machine
Operation Tips

If you run into a problem while laser engraving, especially if you’ve made a mistake on an important job, pick up the phone and call immediately. Do not change anything! When the problem is in front of you, it is easier for a technician to diagnose. If it is after hours, call our 24/7 tech support line. We have developed many techniques to save your job.

If you are running an expensive job and don’t know for sure if you’ve got everything right, or if it is your first time laser engraving a certain material, call us! Additionally, you can ask other machine users in the Facebook User Group.

If you’ve just had your machine installed and received training, try to spend at least an hour a day playing around with your AP Lazer for the first month. If you run into any problems or have any questions, give us a call. The sooner you learn the little tricks, the more you will benefit in the future.

We want nothing more than for you to succeed! Have questions about our laser engraving systems? Email us, use our online form, or give us a call at 800-585-8617.



Boys II Men Gets “Tanked” With the Help of AP Lazer

Nathen Morris, the founder of Boyz II Men, was shocked when he saw his finished fish tank, designed and created by the Tanked Team. ”Dude, I have no words right now.” he states, while staring at the Boyz II Men theme tank, “This is pretty much freaking me out”. The 3 ton tank was built into an area that used to be a fireplace.

Boys II Men AP Lazer

The Boyz II Men group started as a teenage boy band, writing and singing sentimental love songs about boys’ dreams of love, coping with the conflict between their innocent feelings in a not so innocent men’s world. Nathan even came up with the “Boyz II Men” logo himself. Now, a 3D acrylic version of his logo is cut and permanently engraved by an AP Lazer machine and is the focal point of a beautiful fish tank in his home.


The band started in 1985 and after three decades, the teenage boys turned into successful adult men with fame, money, and standing at the top of their world.

Interested in Learning More?

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When the Tanked team realizes the finished wrapped pieces of acrylic acutally read “Men II Boyz”, Redneck explains to Wayde, that the mistake is natural, because when it is flat, it reads exactly as it should – “Boyz II Men”. A quick lasering onto the back side of the acrylic and the mistake is fixed.



After listening to their 2014 album, it seems as if the middle aged all boys group are longing for the past, to be boys again. The “Men II Boyz” mistake is a meaningful metaphor.


Watch AP Lazer in action on season 6, Episode 11 on Animal Planet’s Tanked! Watch a clip here.

powder coat graphics with a laser machine

Powder Coating with a Laser Engraving Machine = Powder Graphics

powder coat graphics with a laser machine

The powder coating technique is everywhere, from your home appliances, lawn furniture to industrial equipment, even AP Lazer is powder coated. But have you heard of “powder graphics”? Powder Coat Finishes, LLC, a Baltimore, MD company, may have started a new revolution in the powder coating industry.

Powder Coat Metals

They took advantage of AP Lazer’s no size or weight limitation capacity and developed “powder graphics” using multiple colors of powder coat to “laser print” logos, wording, and various piece of artwork, turning the low cost, environmentally friendly, durable and scratch resistant coating into colorful large format graphic art.

laser engraved automotive

Two color powder coat processes can be easily accomplished by coating the parts with two high contrast layers of powder coat. As the laser fires, it removes the top coat and the under color is revealed leaving a high resolution, high contrast graphics.

poweder coat laser engraved

The powder graphic innovation allows companies such as auto parts manufacturers to brand their products. After market re sellers can personalize auto and motorcycle parts using this technique.

custom motorcycle and auto parts laser engraved

This simple technique will bring in a wide range of new markets such as powder coated sign blanks for outdoor commercial signs, indoor and outdoor art, personalized appliances and furniture and so much more. You’ll now visualize any item that has been powder coated with branded logos, inspirational art, and unforgettable memories.

Interested in Learning More?

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The team at Powder Coat Finishes LLC didn’t stop there, they went further, developing a unique “inlay” process which allows additional colors to be added on, therefore creating high precision, multiple color powder coating.

Owner of Powder Coated Finishes states: “We are excited to announce a newly developed technology, the ability to laser engrave company logos and images and inlay different colors of powder coat! The entire image including all colors are powder coated, what this means is you can have a high quality image or company logo with multiple colors with the durability of powder coat! We developed this process and are the only company currently offering this service! Any questions please don’t hesitate to call!”

Powder Coat Finishes can be reached at 410-675-0743.

powder coated metal laser engraved

You don’t need a lot of imagination to foresee the future: when paper met printing, we had books. When paper met full color printing, we had a new world of printed art and photos.When powder coating met AP LAZER, a new era of powder graphics was born.

For more information about AP Lazer, give us a call at 800-585-8617, email us, or fill out our online form.


Powder Coat Metals

AP Lazer on Performance TV

See AP Lazer in Action!

Recently, AP Lazer traveled to Johnson City, Tennessee to film an episode for Performance TV, which airs on the Velocity Network and MAV TV for the first time this weekend. Each week the Performance TV team features the top innovators in the industry. From everyday drivers to street rods to race cars, they show the audience how to crank up and improve their performance!

laser engraved car door

Teaming up with Powder Coat Finishes

AP Lazer machine owners Powder Coat Finishes, LLC joined us for filming. PCF has discovered that any item that is powder coated becomes an ideal surface for custom laser engravings and markings, and have successfully customized various automotive parts such as cylinders and valve covers. While filming the show, they demonstrated utilizing a laser machine with the powder coat process.

laser engraved car door

Using a laser machine in the automotive industry

From customizing engine covers, brake calipers, and branding small parts such as belts and gap caps, your possibilities are endless. AP Lazer’s unique design provides the ability for an engine block, a transmission, a car door, and even fabric or leather seats to be engraved. Laser marking and engraving doesn’t involve inks or other chemicals, making it a very clean and cost-efficient method of marking your products. Bottom line, if you are looking to stand out from your competitors, an AP Lazer laser engraving machine is the tool you need.

laser engraved car door

Interested in Learning More?

Call Today: 800-585-8617


laser engraved car door

See us at SEMA SHOW 2015

If you’re attending the upcoming SEMA show in early November, be sure to stop by booth #38237 Wednesday around 1:45 to visit the hosts of Performance TV and Motorhead Garage talk with AP Lazer about our versatile laser systems!

For more information about AP Lazer, give us a call at 800-585-8617, email us, or fill out our online form.



A Quick Guide to Section 179 and AP Lazer Purchases


AP Lazers qualify for tax deductions through Section 179

No one likes to pay their taxes. We don’t like sitting down to fill out and file them, we don’t like that we don’t immediately see any return on that money. Really, none of it is enjoyable. That may be the only part of Al Capone (who went to jail for tax evasion rather than for any of his mob related activities) to which we can all relate. Taxes are a necessary evil.

What if there was a way to exponentially increase your profits this quarter, and every quarter to follow, as well as legally get out of paying a large portion of taxes for your business?

Would you be interested? Of course you would. This article will cover a few things about Section 179 and how it applies to you and your laser machine purchase.

What is Section 179?

Long story short, Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year.

Section 179 and AP Lazer Purchases

Until further notice, Section 179 is permanent at the $500,000 level. Businesses exceeding a total of $2 million of purchases in qualifying equipment have the Section 179 deduction phase-out dollar-for-dollar and completely eliminated above $2.5 million. All AP Lazer machine purchases qualify for Section 179, as long as you put your laser machine into use by the end of 2016.

When you utilize Section 179, your business can deduct the cost of your AP Lazer system up to $25,000. Any amount over the $25,000 qualifies for an additional “Normal First Year Depreciation”, which comes out to be roughly a $200 deduction per extra $1000. That’s kind of like a laser engraving machine discount, no codes required.

Check out your tax write-off for 2016

Section 179 can provide you with significant tax relief for this 2016 tax year, but equipment and software must be financed and in place by midnight December 31, 2016. Use this 2016 Section 179 Calculator to see how much the Section 179 tax deduction can save your company.

Section 179 and Leasing

What’s the best part though? Great question. Section 179 can be used in combination with our lease to own programs. You get the laser machine in your hands, start making money off of it, and you’ll get a majority, if not all of the deduction this year. This means that you’ll end up deducting more than you even pay in 1 year for your AP Lazer machine!

The above is an overall, “simplified” view of the Section 179 Deduction for 2016. For more details on limits and qualifying equipment, please consult a tax professional. More information about Secion 179 can be found at section179.org.

Any questions? Give us a call at 800-585-8617 or email us at aplazer@aplazer.com. You can also contact us by filling out the form on our website.


Watch AP Lazer on Motorhead Garage TV!

Watch us on Motorhead Garage TV!

On September 2nd and 5th, AP Lazer was featured on an episode of Motorhead Garage TV. Kyle had an awesome time with the guys – laser engraving all kinds of custom auto accessories and auto parts. We demonstrated our patented open architecture laser machine and even laser engraved the Motorhead Garage logo onto a tool box. Also on display was a truck door that was previously laser engraved, a creeper, and a stool., all engraved utilizing AP Lazer’s open architecture and high power capabilities. Personalization is hot in the auto industry, and just as they discussed, the AP Lazer is capable of engraving leather, metal, plastic, rubber, glass, and many other materials, which means that when it comes to custom auto work, you can personalize everything from the seats to the tires, the engine to the floor mats and everything in between.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about AP Lazer on Motorhead Garage TV!