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15 Laser Engraved Holiday Gifts Your Customers Will Love

laser engraved holiday giftsIf you have a laser cutting machine, when the holiday season rolls around you’re as busy as an elf in Santa’s workshop making all sorts of personalized gifts for all the good boys and girls, right?

After a few hours sipping on a hot toddy, admiring the glistening lights on our Christmas tree while perfect little feathery snowflakes fell to the ground and faint Christmas music filled the air. browsing the web, we found the BEST of the best laser engraved Christmas gift ideas to share with our readers. So without further adieu, here’s 15 laser engraved gifts your customers will love!

Laser Engraved Pie Plate

laser engraved pie plate

When the celebration is over, you won’t be left wondering who left their pie dish behind if it’s laser engraved.  Whether the pie be pumpkin, apple, peach or mincemeat (yuck!) any delicious dessert baked in this dish will arrive at the party in style.

Laser Engraved Personalized Door Mat

laser engraved door mat

Both classy and functional, this personalized door mat is one of our favorites. Your visitors will know they’re in the right place and feel warmly welcomed all at the same time. Since the laser beam actually burns the fibers in the rug, it will never get worn off by your house guests.

Laser Engraved Leather Dog Collar

laser engraved dog collar

Amidst all of the hustle and bustle, you can’t forget about the 4 legged creatures that have been extra good this year! Leather is a material that is very easy to laser engrave and yields great results every time. Not only are these dog collars stylish, but they are practical, too.

3D Map Wall Art

laser cut wall art

These maps are a perfect example of the detail and complexity one can achieve with a laser cutting machine. These maps feature multi-level laser cut wood pieces assembled perfectly to create a stunning piece of wall art. Talk about a conversation piece!

Want to offer personalized gifts like the ones shown in this post? Download our free Laser Machine Purchasing Guide to learn more.

Custom Laser Engraved Cutting Board

laser engraved cutting board

This would literally make every mom in the world cry.  There is no better way save your mini Picasso’s artwork, than to laser engrave it on to say, a cutting board. A gift like this would make a good Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift, or everyday surprise for the mom who already has it all.

Laser Cut Felt Coasters

laser cut felt coasters

One of the best ways to deal with family members that you don’t particularly care for (we all have a few of them, don’t we?) is to just drink until you can tolerate them. That’s when these laser cut felt coasters could come in handy.  These coasters will not only save your table top, but are also a super festive decoration.

Laser Cut Mustache Comb

mustache beard comb laser engraved and cut

“The male beard communicates a heroic image of the independent, sturdy and resourceful pioneer. Ready, willing and able to do manly things. Whether the recipient has a  full beard, goatee or just a mustache every man wants to hold the look that they are creating.”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Laser Etched Cell Phone Cases

Nowadays no one leaves home without their phone. By gifting someone a laser engraved cell phone case, you’ll be sure to be giving them a gift they’ll take with them everywhere. Great for kids who’ve recently moved out!  They’ll never forget to call mom and dad since they’ll have a constant reminder whenever they reach for their phone!

Laser Cut Picture Frame

Grandma and Grandpa always want pictures of the grandkids for Christmas/birthdays/mothers day.. for any occasion, really. A great photo needs a great frame! This personalized picture frame is the perfect gift that will warm their hearts without burning your wallet.

Personalized Beer Mug

Parents have to share almost everything, which is why fathers LOVE things that are just theirs. Dad’s chair, Dad’s tools, and of course Dad’s mug. A personalized beer mug lets everyone know it’s his and makes sure he always has his frosty mug for that cold beer at the end of a long day. Maybe after a few, he won’t mind sharing so much!

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Laser Engraved Football

We all have a sporting weekend warrior in the family. Whether it’s your brother-in-law on the flag football team, The dad on the local softball team, or the sister who’s the captain of the high school soccer team, a personalized ball is something every sports nut will absolutely love.

Laser Cut Earrings

Laser cut earring are great for that special someone this holiday season. With limitless design possibilities from the super simple to the ultra complex, laser cut earrings and other jewelry are a great way to show someone you care with something as beautiful as they are. Create earrings out of wood, acrylic leather or the dozen of other materials AP Lazer can cut.

Laser Engraved Leatherman

Everyone has a handyman in the family, and just about every handyman seems to have one of these great multipurpose tools with them at all times. Now your family handyman can always be prepared to spring into action at any given moment with a personalized Leatherman they’re sure to love.

Laser Cut Snowflake Ornaments

Ornaments for the tree always make a great gift, and they’ll mean that much more when you’ve made them yourself. These great keepsakes will make an excellent addition to anyone’s tree, reminding them of you every time they look at them.

Laser Cut Wall Art

For those with a more artistic flair, a piece of laser cut wall art would be the icing on the cake. Simple, easy, and inexpensive, a piece of lasered wall art will make an excellent addition to just about anyone’s home as well as serve as a fantastic conversation piece.

A laser cutting machine will allow you to make your customers look really good. When they’re gifting the best gifts at the party, they’ll leave everyone else wishing they would have thought to get grandma a personalized gift that brought tears to her eyes. You know what that means? Next Christmas, everyone will be coming to you asking for laser engraving services…Score!








Laser Finished Holiday Gift Guide


Snow is falling. The lights are on the tree. The smell of baked goods in the air. Presents are all purchased and ready- oh they’re not? Well maybe we can help you with that. People get particularly crafty when it comes to the holiday season. Whether it’s to save money or to give a more personal gift, there are loads of choices. Pinterest holds, of course, one of the most expansive array of ideas, recipes, directions, and inspiration for such gifts. We have searched high and low collecting our favorite lasered holiday gift options, both for your enjoyment and hopefully for your inspiration.

First off is the laser-improved cutting boards. We thought this was such a great gift idea we are going to making a few of our own this week. (Keep a lookout for the video.) Wooden cutting boards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. We picked up a heavy duty, round one for less than $15. Once we add our own personalized touch, it will be worth so much more. Other kitchen items include an embossed rolling pin that makes your sugar cookies extra pretty and engraved bottle openers. What is a holiday celebration without a little craft beer to keep your whistle wet?


Another great gift project is wall art and décor – we found several instances of creativity on this. Everything from felt coasters, to plaques with family names and quotes, to puzzle piece holiday themed coffee table decorations. One of our favorites is a map of map of the U.S. with spots for beer caps. Which would be particularly cool for a traveling beer connoisseur. For a local touch, cut out a single state. This is a perfect gift for a family or friend living in a state with a multitude of micro-breweries. (“Yay!” for Michigan’s 150+ breweries!)



There is no reason why the laser cutting and engraving must be restricted to the inside of the present. Engrave a wooden keepsake box to hold whatever store-bought gift you’ve picked up. Add a laser cut card or gift tag. Gifts that you feel are falling a little flat can be bumped up to 10 with a little personal touch.


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Ornaments always make a great gift. Our personal favorite is a set of laser cut, light-colored wooden snowflakes. Pair those with some white lights and a thick red ribbon for a very classy tree! Hang them in the window to bring the pretty (not frozen) part of the snow inside. This is the kind of gift that you’ll definitely want to make for yourself as well as your recipients.


This isn’t quite as practical, but it would be the gift of the season. Instead of knitting someone a sweater, why not laser cut them a leather jacket?  You can be certain that it won’t be worn to the ugly sweater party they are attending next weekend.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many opportunities to explore this holiday season. If you want more pictures or ideas check out our Pinterest boards; specifically, “A Very Lasered Christmas”. So many of these ideas are easily accomplished with our new portable laser – click here to learn more about it!