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Purchase and Leasing Economics for Funeral Homes

Purchase Economics for FHFrom 2005 to 2015, the cremation rate increased from 32.3% to 48.5% (16.2%). 2104 funeral homes shut their doors during the same period. Do the math. That means that for every 1% rise in cremation, 130 funeral homes close their doors. By 2030, the predicted cremation rate will be 71%. At the same rate, 2925 more funeral homes will shut down.

AP Lazer will be your knight in shining armor. It will generate significant amounts of revenue from places you never thought possible. If you only add personalization to the products you already offer like caskets, urns and monuments you can pay for your AP Lazer in a few short months.

Laser Engraved goods

Once your machine is paid for, anything else you do with it is mostly profit. You can offer other laser engraved items to your customers such as memorial jewelry, memorial plaques, and other commemorative items.

One customer offers laser engraved river rocks (costing him less than $0.30/each) that families hand out to all funeral attendees in memory of their loved one.

lasered goods

Diversify into brand new industries and offer your community a new service. After all, you have spent years building your reputation and have shared many intimate moments in the darkest times of life.

From urns, caskets, granite memorials and all types of commemorative memorial products, AP Lazer gives you the ability to avoid becoming a statistic. We’re confident your business will succeed with AP Lazer so we’ve put together this handy graph to show you just how much revenue you can generate with engraving products you already offer.

Purchase Economics of AP Lazer

purchase economics of ap lazer

  • The laser system recommended for the funeral industry is the SN4836. This machine includes laptop computer, software, training and set up assistance and costs about $40,000.
  • With conservative engraved product volume assumptions of 2 caskets, 4 urns and 2 monuments per month, enough profit can be made in just 14 months to completely pay for the AP Lazer machine.
  • Operating costs are simply 1 person at $20 per hour to run the machine and a small amount of electricity to power it.
  • Based on these conservative low volume assumptions, you can make $42,000 in new revenue and $34,000 in profit, or 79% operating profit margin for your business in just 1 year with AP Lazer.

Leasing Economics of AP Lazer

If purchasing large equipment is not an option for your business at this time, we offer leasing programs to suit your needs.

Leasing Economics

  • Lease a machine over a 5 year period at $789/ month (Tier I credit) and just slightly higher at $860/ month (Tier III credits.) After 5 years you can buy the machine for $1.
  • With conservative engraved product volume assumptions of 2 caskets, 4 urns and 2 monuments per month, you can make significant profit immediately using the AP Lazer.
  • Operating costs are simply 1 person at $20 per hour to run the machine, a small amount of electricity to power it and your month lease payment.
  • Based on these conservative low volume assumptions, you can make $42,000 in new revenue and $23,000 in profit or 55% operating profit margin for your business in just one year.

In summary, AP Lazer is a great high margin supplemental business for any funeral home, whether you purchase or lease.

Generate even more revenue when you become a Memory Care Provider.

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rising cremation trend

Cremation Is a Gold Mine – If You Have the Tools to Dig

rising cremation trendAny market change can be the last nail in your businesses coffin if you ignore it. Especially fast changes such as the quickly growing cremation rate.

rising cremation rate stats

Ignoring the Industry Trend

Back in the late 90’s, when the cremation rate really began to climb, nearly everybody in the death care industry ignored it. Fast forward 20 years and the industry is now seeing the harsh repercussions from the fast growing cremation trend, the national average now sitting at over 45%.

The funeral industry is seeing a loss in revenue, a cremation service done by funeral home averages $3000, while a traditional funeral cost with a casket averages $7000. Some consumers are opting for a direct cremation, which requires minimal service from a funeral director and results in little to no revenue for the funeral home.

cremation or burial?Cemeteries are also being affected. They’re actually seeing where the future of cremation is headed before hand. Because most cemeteries rely heavily on pre-need sales, they actually “pre-see” the cremation rate 10 to 20 years ahead of everybody else. Today, cemeteries have more people calling wanting to sell their plots than people who are calling wanting to purchase one.

The industry most affected by cremation are the traditional monument retailers.The rise in cremation and idea of spreading ashes has dramatically reduced total number of traditional monuments sold. Cemeteries are diversifying into monument sales to make ends meet, and funeral homes have began diversifying into monument sales to supplement their loss in revenue.

Cremation and Baby Boomers

So what or who is behind the fast growing cremation trend? Two words: Baby Boomers. Also known as the “Me” generation. A majority of your buyers are baby boomers planning for their loved ones or pre-planning for themselves. This generation of people are known for making their mark and choosing to do things differently. They have no problem resisting traditions and they want everything to do with them to be incredibly personalized and a show of self-expression.

Baby Boomers and Personalization

Boomers are seeking products and services that are more unique than ever. The idea of personalization has resulted in an explosion of unique offerings that are personalized to commemorate all of life’s precious moments and memories. The “Me” Generation, those born between 1946-1964, are spending more money on things they want, rather than things they need. They may not need a personalized casket or memorial but when they see how it can capture their life and memories, they will want one. Read about ultra-personalized Tribute Memorials.

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Cremation + Personalization = A Gold Mine

By providing a variety of practical and desired solutions for cremation and personalization, you can turn the fast growing cremation rate into a gold mine. If your customers are opting for cremation, you MUST make sure they are aware of all of their memorialization options. Show them the many personalized cremation memorial options available. If you are not aware of them, you can get acquainted with our free marketing tools and cremation resources.

cremation and personalization

According to retail customers of SuperNova International, wholesale granite supplier, who successfully promote personalized cremation memorials, more than half of baby boomers who pre-arrange their cremation will chose a personalized cremation memorial when shown the options for both cremation memorials and personalization options.

Gold Mining Tools

Our patented AP Lazer system is the only tool that can handle all of your personalization needs for caskets, cremation urns, cremation memorials and traditional cemetery memorials. The convertible, two-part design was designed to handle bulky items such as cemetery memorials and caskets. Born in the monument industry, our team has many years of experience laser engraving granite and have since mastered casket engraving, urn engraving and the ability to engrave many other items.

laser machine configurations

You should also utilize SuperNova’s digital and printed cremation resources. We have spent years creating and developing cremation solutions to combat the growing cremation trend and fit the needs and desires of your customers.

cremation catalog

In Conclusion

You can lead just about any trend if you pay attention, do your research, and study. With the right tools, you can turn any change in the market into a gold mine!

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