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laser engraving bricks

What You Need to Know About Laser Engraving Bricks

laser engraving bricksIf you want to provide laser engraved bricks or pavers for fundraising campaigns, the first and most important thing you will need is a tool to engrave them. The cleanest and easiest method for doing the job is with a laser engraver for bricks.

Fundraising bricks are a great way for organizations to raise funds, and your business can make a substantial amount of money providing the finished bricks. Provide high quality, laser engraved bricks, and your customers will always be satisfied.


Who needs fundraising/donor bricks?
Donor Recognition
Charitable Organizations
Parks and Recreation
Sports Teams
Schools and Universities
Religious Organizations

Laser Engraving vs. Sandblasting Bricks

Sandblasting bricks is a much more complicated process than laser engraving bricks. There are also risks involved: when sandblasting, bricks may chip or break away over time, causing the letters to become illegible. IOften times when sandblasting a filler is used (paint, epoxy, etc.) elements like sunlight, acid rain, and other harsh weather conditions will cause deterioration over time. If a filler is not used, moisture will get into the letters. If it freezes, or mildew/algae grow in the text, the brick will break down over time. Here are a few additional advantages to laser engraving bricks:

  • Laser engraving bricks are permanent and will last a lifetime.The laser beam actually melts the clay of the brick into glass, creating a material that is stronger than the brick itself.
  • Laser engraving is a natural process, and even considered “Green”! No solvents, paints or other materials are needed when engraving bricks.
  • Laser engraving bricks are low maintenance.
    A laser engraved brick produces a smooth, hard and permanent mark. Dirt and debris can easily be washed away. The mark will remain beautiful and clear for generations to come.
  • Laser engraving bricks offers more possibilities.
    Nearly any font can be used when engraving a brick. Logos, clip art and even custom artwork can be engraved into brick, providing your customer’s many options.
  • Diversification opportunities
    When you have a laser engraver for brick, you also have a machine that can alter the surface and look of dozens of other materials.

laser engraver for bricksThis photo shows the brick material turned into glass, the process of turning a substrate into glass is called “vitrification.” Notice how smooth and clean the engraving looks!

What to Look for in a Laser Engraver for Brick

A higher power laser, such as our 100w SN4836 is an excellent choice for engraving bricks. Brick engraving can be achieved with a lower power laser machine; however, you will more than likely need to do a few passes to create a desirable look. A large bed size will allow you to set up multiple bricks at once to complete a job more efficiently.

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Profit Potential When Brick Engraving

A quick online search shows companies charging anywhere from $13 – $50 per brick engraving, depending on the size of the brick and the complexity of the design. Considering it takes hundreds of bricks to create a sidewalk or walkway, a single brick engraving job could make you thousands! We have a few customers who have completely paid for their laser machine with just one or two brick orders.

Have you ever engraved brick? If so, share your tips in the comments below!



Become a Memory Care Provider with AP Lazer


What does it mean to be a Memory Care Provider?

Become a Memory Care Provider means taking part in all of the memories and precious moments for those in your community, opposed to just providing them services when death occurs. There are many life events that deserve to be remembered: Christenings, birthdays, graduations, wedding, retirements and more. It also means creating a truly unique and personalized experience for your end of life celebrations.

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Memory Care

Why should I become a Memory Care Provider?

From 2005 – 2015, the cremation rate increased by roughly 16%. In the same time period, 2104 funeral homes closed their doors. Coincidence? Probably not. That means, that for every 1% rise in cremation, 130 funeral homes will be out of business. What does that mean for your future? Becoming a Memory Care Provider is your chance to rejuvenate and revitalize your business. Now is the time to expand the products and services you offer to your community. In addition to unique and personalized end of life celebrations, create a need for something that doesn’t yet exist within your industry.


What do I receive as a Memory Care Provider?

All Memory Care Providers receive:

  • Our exclusive Memory Care Starter kit containing an assortment of laser engraved products so you can start selling right away.Memory Care Sample Kit
  • A branding kit containing a window sticker for your storefront and signage alerting your customer
  • A marketing kit containing pre designed brochures, a laser engraved product slideshow for your display and a pack of B2B postcards to mail.
  • Support after your AP Lazer purchase. We know your industry and will hold your hand every step of the way.

When it comes time to plan a funeral you will have already built and nurtured relationships and shared memories with those in your community and you can provide a personalized end of life celebration.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to switch your business outlook to being a Memory Care Provider. By supporting your customers in all of the special memories life has in store for them, you will: Create brand loyalty, increase the value of your products, shape unique experiences and delight your customers all while making a substantial amount of profit and rising to the top of your shrinking market!

memory care ebook download


If you’d like to learn more about AP Lazer systems, or becoming a Memory Care Provider, email us or give us a call: 800-585-8617.

laser engraver for granite

Granite Laser Engraver from AP Lazer

laser engraver for granite

When laser engraving on granite, the surface of the polished stone is removed by the laser beam resulting in high resolution, high detail and most of all, high quality artwork. The best contrast will be achieved when engraving on black granite which produces a black and white gray scale photo engraving. A laser engraving on granite will last as long as the polish on the stone which is typically hundreds of years.

Why AP Lazer is the Best Granite Laser Engraver

AP Lazer was born in the monument industry, therefore granite laser engraverwe have many years of experience laser engraving granite. AP Lazer’s patented design was fine tuned to fit the needs of heavy granite engraving:

  • Open Architecture This patented feature provides users the option to fully remove the z-table (or home base) and roll large bulky granite objects directly beneath the laser beam. To utilize this feature, the removable laser top will need to be in place on the Utility Carriage, which comes standard with most machines. Read more about our accessories here.
  • EZ Leveling System 4 wheels on the each corner of the machine allow you to adjust the four corners independently. The EZ Leveling System eliminates the need to use shims to level materials and increases safety when working with heavier materials such as granite.
  • Size of Work Space is important when choosing a laser system. AP Lazer systems have work spaces ranging from 18″ x 12″ to 48″ x 36″. The larger your work space, the larger engraving you can complete without having to tile artwork.
  • Electrical Requirements for the AP Lazer are a 110v. Unlike other machines, AP Lazer plugs directly into any common electrical outlet.
  • Multi layer Engraving means that you can run one job but utilize multiple speed and power settings. Engrave text at a higher power level and raster images at a lower power setting simultaneously, saving you both time and money.
  • Cost of Laser Machine The average cost of our largest model, the SN4836 is less than $4 per hour in an 8 hour day over the life of the machine. That factors in machine cost, maintenance, space, and electricity. AP Lazer costs quite a bit less than other large format laser systems that are capable of engraving large and heavy pieces of granite. Lease-to-own programs make it possible to get a laser machine in your hands, pass the slight learning curve and start making money with your laser machine before making your first payment!

Laser Engraved Granite Applicationslaser engraved war memorial

War memorials and historic memorials are peppered throughout the U.S. to honor and celebrate a war, victory, or historic event. They are most often made from granite and range in size from small markers to larger than life structures. To engrave a large memorial you must first have a laser machine that has the capabilities to engrave large, heavy objects. With no size or weight restrictions, AP Lazer’s open architecture granite laser engraver can handle even the largest of granite pieces.

Pet Memorial Products are a 12 billion dollar industry that shows no signs of slowing down. Many ‘pet parents’ consider their pets members of their families and will spend upwards of $500 for a permanent tribute of their pet. Popular pet memorial products include mini granite memorials and markers, cremation urns, and granite display plaques.laser engraved pet memorial products

Family memorials, gravestones and tombstones have come a long way in the past hundred years. What were once blocks of granite hand carved with a family name and dates have evolved into what most would consider works of art. Precious family memories and photos can be kept alive forever by laser engraving virtually anything into the surface of the granite.laser engraved granite memorials

Interior Designs include counter tops, tile back splashes and even large granite table tops for business establishments. Whether your customers want a decorative engraving or a company logo, AP Lazer’s granite laser engraver can handle even the largest of requests.Granite engraver for interior designs

Not all laser engraving machines are equal.

If you’re looking to produce the highest quality engravings on granite, an AP Lazer is your solution.
It’s open architecture and multiple configuration options makes it the best granite laser engraver for many industries. Memorialists, stone fabricators, flooring and tile shops, custom home and commercial builders and architects are all utilizing AP Lazer’s open architecture to produce high profit, high satisfaction products. Our granite engraving machines are easy to learn and operate, work similarly to a printer, are plug and play and come with on-site training and 24/7 technical support.

Have questions? A representative will be more than happy to speak with you (we have enough information on engraving granite alone to chat for a few days, at least!) about integrating an AP Lazer machine into your new or existing establishment. You can also contact us online here.