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Become a Memory Care Provider and take part in all of your community’s cherished moments – weddings, retirements, birthdays, community events and more.


Funeral directors are deeply connected with their communities. Now you can turn every connection into a revenue stream of repeat business by commemorating not just death, but all of special moments and memories that make a life.


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From urns and caskets to granite memorials of any size and all types of commemorative memorial products, AP Lazer gives you the ability to take your personalization options to the next level. Engrave a variety of materials with little to no size or weight restrictions with our versatile design. Add endless personalization capabilities to your funeral home with AP Lazer’s revenue generating technology.

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“We purchased our AP Lazer about a year and a half ago, it has been a very good asset to our business. We use it on a number of things, not only monuments. Definitely worth the investment. It’s just so nice to have around because then we can do things at our speed.”
David Sietsema, Superior Monuments and Swanson Memorial

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“We do engravings for cremation items and headstone engravings for a lot of families. [AP Lazer is] very easy to use and the staff is great. We’re not just focusing on funeral home items. [We have plans to] start doing more memorials and other gifts for grieving families.”
Mark McKenzie, McKenzie Funeral Services

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“We bought our AP Lazer about 2 years ago. We’ve been excited since the first day we brought it into our place and can’t live without it. There are so many people in the industry that can take advantage of additional revenues AP Lazer provides.”
Mike Mims, Cherokee Monuments and Child Caskets

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photo memories

The Importance of Pet Memorialization

When we lose a loved one we soon realize that life isn’t about the successes, nor the goals we reached. Life is about the precious memories we created along the way.


From Tribute Videos to Tribute Memorials

With so many options for pets available, the lack of memorialization options for our furry friends who have left the earth is surprising.

laser engraved urn

Laser Engraved Personalized Urns

You can look at cremation as a low cost, low profit, bottom of the line sale, or you can take advantage of it and turn it into a high-profit opportunity.

Monument dealers objections

Monument Retailers’ Top 5 Objections

Adding a completely personalized laser engraving to a casket allows families to truly reflect the life of their loved one.

rising cremation trend

Cremation is a Gold Mine

Any market change can be the last nail in your businesses coffin if you ignore it. Especially fast changes such as the quickly growing cremation rate.

casket personalization

Offering a Laser Engraved Casket

Life is not the process of accumulating wealth, but a journey of collecting memories.